Thursday, January 26, 2012

Antec Three Hundred Two gaming chassis | Ubergizmo

Antec has introduced its latest gaming chassis known as the Three Hundred Two. Now don?t you think that this moniker is a rather strange one, and certainly does not conform to the general naming conventions that other companies employ? To each his own, and a gaming chassis is one thing that I do not mind being called anything, as long as it performs up to my expectations. Touted to be the next generation of affordable gaming chassis that sports high-performance cooling advantages without compromising on expandability, the Antec Three Hundred Two enclosure will feature a perforated front bezel that helps it cool down faster than ever before, and with the help of dual TwoCool fans, not to mention the option to throw in another quartet of fans in addition to a 120 mm CPU exhaust fan located behind the motherboard, you can be sure that this gaming chassis can handle just about any stock machine for hours on end with the processor feeling as though it is holidaying on the Swiss Alps.

Want to expand your computer to store even more data? Fret not, the Three Hundred Two utilizes eight expansion slots for up to three 12.5? (318 mm) graphics cards, where it is compatible with the largest GPUs in the market. Its removable, washable PSU and front intake air filters ensure that you can do your bit in maximizing the airflow in an efficient manner, while a cable management system will feature a quartet of strategically placed holes, offering 3cm of space right behind the motherboard tray. Three 5.25? and five 3.5? tool-less drive bays round off the list of features ? you can pick up the Antec Three Hundred Two for $79.95 a pop.

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