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[OOC] Vampire Prosecutor: NPC

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Name Abel
Gender male
Age appears to be in early thirties
Ethnicity English
Race Vampire
Significance He is a prosecutor, one who is actually responsible for the formation of the special investigation team. His identity as a vampire is secret to those around him and he survives because of a friend in the medical field who gives him blood-bags from people who donated blood. He formed the special team in order to catch Xia, a young vampire moved to New York City five years ago in hopes of finding a life-long companion.
History Much of his past before he was turned is a blur and as time has continued on, he has forgotten exactly how old he really is. He is constantly on the move, changing jobs and identities in order to locate those of his kind and keep them from exposing the truth about vampires. He truthfully believes that Xia is the woman who turned him into a vampire, but he cannot be sure.
Personality Abel is a guy who few try to grow close with. He is very mysterious, showing only a blank face and a smile that says he knows more than he tells. Rarely wasting a moment to joke, his seriousness is a plague that people try to avoid. In truth, he is very lonely, though his only true friend is his doctor friend who provides him with blood, and even he doesn?t understand him fully.
Other Like the vampire prosecutor, he is also strongly drawn to the female prosecutor?s blood.
Name Xia
Gender female
Age appears to be in mid twenties
Ethnicity Asian American
Race Vampire
Significance She is the one responsible for the ?vampire attacks? five years ago. Lately she has been laying low, however, only making kills every now and then to gain the attention of the vampire prosecutor, who she has fallen in love with. Every now and then she will visit him out of the blue or will call his phone and present him with information that helps him with his cases. Her attacks have been in precise locations. If you were to dot them out on a map and then connect the dots, they would be forming an arrow. This arrow is pointing to the part of the city where she is residing and where she awaits the arrival of the vampire prosecutor.
History For many years, Xia has been moving from place to place. Seven years ago while in Los Vegas, she ran into Abel who was visiting relatives. Impressed with his abilities, she turned him into a vampire. However, his response to the change angered her for he wasn?t overjoyed, but horrified. In her anger, she lost track of him. It was two years later when she found him in New York City. In order to gain his attention, she went on a mass killing spree. During the five years up until today, she has been diligently searching for a life-long companion; a mate. In the process she discovered the prosecutor. She turned him into a vampire, hiding her identity in order to force him to find her.
Personality You can sum up Xia in one word: self-centered. She is only out for herself, not thinking of how her actions can affect the lives around her. She lives for the moment and thrives for pleasure ? hence why she is searching for a mate. Because she is on her own, her frustration and anger often takes form of a vampire attack. She loves to play with people?s emotions and will do anything to get what she wants.
Other She is targeting the female prosecutor and the intern out of jealousy.
Name Neo Jelani
Gender male
Age 33
Ethnicity American
Race Human
Significance Neo is the guy that provides the vampire prosecutor the blood he needs. He is the owner of a club named Club Blood ? this is where he stores the blood. Generally he also provides insight and advice while the two sit to drink. Though he isn?t the only one who knows of the prosecutor?s vampire situation, he is constantly looking out for the guy and will try in every which way to help if needed.
History After working for several years as a doctor, Neo retired from his job. He and a friend had a serious argument over disappearing blood bags from the donation branch and in the end, he decided he was done. Wealthy from his years of working, he opened the club. (will add part of meeting the prosecutor later)
Personality Straight forward and honest, Neo is a friendly character. There aren?t many people who dislike him and vice versa. He is generally viewed as a fatherly figure and does his best to help those in need. However, this fatherly figure disappears when someone he treasures is threatened. He suppresses a dark side, one he developed after working as a depressed doctor for many years.
Other His wife died in a massive car accident two years ago.
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