Thursday, January 12, 2012

Woman defends Ohio mom guilty of denying son care (AP)

CLEVELAND ? The daughter of an Ohio woman facing prison for denying her 8-year-old son medical treatment says the family had repeatedly tried to get help before the boy died of complications from cancer in 2008.

Lillian Hussing says her mother, Monica, had been denied government assistance for health care in Trumbull County and couldn't afford a $180 fee at a free clinic, so they moved to Cleveland in hopes of finding help for young Willie Robinson. But he died within two weeks.

Prosecutors say the boy had begged his parents to take him to see a doctor but was rejected.

Monica Hussing and the boy's father both pleaded guilty Monday to attempted involuntary manslaughter.

The coroner ruled that the boy died from pneumonia due to Hodgkin lymphoma, a highly treatable cancer.


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