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Post-revolution Egyptians to US: Stay out

CAIRO ? There is a local advertisement in the arrivals hall at Cairo International Airport. The ad shows a picture of Egypt's iconic Tahrir Square, packed during the revolution, with a quote from U.S. President Barack Obama: "We should raise our children to be like Egyptian youth.?

The quote from Obama was shortly after Egyptians had revolted and toppled long-time dictator and American ally Hosni Mubarak. The ad reflects a sense of pride Egyptians have about how they inspired the world, including the U.S. president. It also shows how a genuine acknowledgment from the U.S. goes a long way in Egypt.

But when it comes to their attitudes about America?s involvement in their country?s affairs, few Egyptians view the U.S. favorably, and or more importantly, with any trust.

U.S. seen as a meddler
Egypt's relationship with America goes back decades. But Egypt was cemented as a cornerstone of U.S. policy in the Middle East after its Camp David Peace Treaty with Israel. Following that, the U.S. bankrolled the Mubarak regime and the military that sustained the regime for 30 years.

That?s not lost on ordinary Egyptians. They may not know the intricacies of U.S. policy in Egypt, but intuitively they know that the U.S. backed and legitimized the man who oppressed them for three decades.

NBC News

Alaa El Din Mohamed, a taxi cab driver in Cairo, shares his views about the U.S..

So it should come as no surprise that most Egyptians view U.S. involvement in Egypt negatively.

A recent Gallup poll found 81 percent of Egyptians oppose American aid to political groups. And 84 percent of Egyptians surveyed doubt the U.S. is serious about spreading democracy in the region. The overwhelming majority of Egyptians reject both U.S. aid to civil society organizations and economic assistance to the country as a whole. They see U.S. aid as instruments used to manipulate Egypt?s domestic and foreign policies.

Alaa El Din Mohamed, a 34-year-old taxi driver, summed up his current views on the U.S.

?We are looking out for our country?s interests. For Egypt's interests we want stability, we want to work, we want to advance forward. We don't have any problems with the U.S., but we're just interested in our own country,? he said. ?We want to be able to stand on our own two feet.? We want to look forward and then afterwards we can think about the U.S.?

And yet, despite the negative attitude, the U.S. as a country and Americans as a people remain symbols of democracy, freedom and modernity in the eyes of many ordinary Egyptians.

NBC News speaks with citizens from around the globe, asking the question, 'What Does America Mean to You?'

?The U.S. is a developed, advanced country and organized. Everything there is civilized that's what comes to my mind in regards to the U.S.,? Hala Abdel Rahman, a 50-year-old housewife, said when asked about her impressions of the country. ?We would hope and wish that Egypt can become a developed country like the U.S.?

Many Egyptians are still drawn to the idea of the U.S. as the ?land of opportunity? with thousands going there yearly to pursue educational opportunities and seek a better life.

Living in America still resonates loudly with Egyptians who believe most Americans enjoy a decent quality of life. In fact, many here draw a distinction between Americans and American foreign policy.

NBC News

Mona Bayoumi had high hopes for U.S. President Barack Obama and how he could improve things in the Middle East, but she said she's been disappointed.

?America as a people and stuff are really good people, they have values and are good people,? said Mohamed, the cab driver. ?But the most important thing is they don?t interfere in our country.?

Feeling let down by Obama
During the Egyptian revolution, I remember seeing a poster in Cairo?s Tahrir Square that read, ?Yes We Can, Too,? playing off of Obama?s 2008 presidential campaign slogan that change is possible.

Today, many people in Egypt feel let down by Obama who they believe was slow to respond to the Egyptian people?s own calls for change during the revolution. Others believe Obama hasn?t followed through on his promise to change how the U.S. deals with the Middle East ? from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Iran.

Mona Bayoumi, a 25-year-old administrator a Cairo arts college, believes there is a gap between what the U.S. promises and what it does.

?At the beginning when President Obama first came, we had a lot of hope that things would improve and be fixed ? especially with Iraq and Iran,? said Bayoumi. ?But we waited for something to happen and we didn't see anything...To be honest nothing that we expected to happen happened and nothing that we wanted happened.?

In a country of 85 million people, gauging the public?s attitudes is always a challenge.

But the underlying principle in how Egyptians view the U.S. is simple. After decades of being on the receiving end of U.S. foreign policy that arguably didn?t improve the quality of their lives, nor advance their own interests, Egyptians want to chart their own future with as little help from Washington as possible.

Whether the U.S. lets them is a whole different question.

This story is part of a series by and NBC News?"What the World Thinks of US". The series aims to check the pulse on current perceptions of America's global stature during the election year and ahead of our annual Independence Day.

Share your thoughts about this story and our series on Twitter using?#AmericaMeans?

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Civil No. 2007-130, Case No. 07-30012.

United States District Court, D. Virgin Islands, Division of St. Thomas & St. John.

July 20, 2010.

John P. Raynor, Omaha, NE, Pro Se Plaintiff.

Jeffrey J. Prosser, St. Croix, U.S.V.I., Pro Se Plaintiff.

J. Daryl Dodson, Esq., St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., for Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative.

Toby L. Gerber, Esq., Dallas, TX, for Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative.

Kent D. Bressie, Esq., Washington, DC, for Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative.

William R. Greendyke, Esq., Houston, TX, for Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative.

Thomas J. Allingham II, Esq., Gregg M. Galardi, Esq., Mark L. Desgrosseilliers, Esq., Wilmington, DE, for Greenlight Capital Qualified, L.P., Greenlight Capital, L.P., and Greenlight Capital Offshore, Ltd.

Matthew J. Duensing, Esq., Richard H. Dollison, Esq., St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., for Greenlight Capital Qualified, L.P., Greenlight Capital, L.P., and Greenlight Capital Offshore, Ltd.

Daniel C. Stewart, Esq., Michaela C. Crocker, Esq., Dallas, TX, for Stan Springel, Chapter 11 Trustee of Innovative Communication Corp.

Kathryn B. Bussing, Esq., Steven Kupka, Esq., Kansas City, MO, for Blackwell Sanders, LLP.


CURTIS V. G?MEZ, Chief District Judge.

Before the Court is a filing that purports to be an appeal of several decisions of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of the Virgin Islands (the ?Bankruptcy Division?) by Jeffrey J. Prosser (?Prosser?) and John P. Raynor (?Raynor?). In the alternative, Prosser and Raynor seek to have this Court withdraw the automatic reference to the Bankruptcy Division and stay ?all related cases.?


Because the Court has previously outlined the facts of this matter in related proceedings, the Court recites only those facts pertinent to its analysis in this particular motion.

Stan Springel (?Springel?) is the trustee of three entities ? Emerging Communications, Inc. (?ECI?), Innovative Communication Company, LLC (?ICC-LLC?), and Innovative Communication Corporation (?New ICC?). All three entities are in chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. The filing before the Court arises from the bankruptcy proceedings for New ICC.

Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative (?RTFC?) is a member-owned, non-profit lending cooperative based in Virginia, which provides financing to telecommunication companies.

Greenlight Capital Qualified, L.P., Greenlight Capital, L.P., and Greenlight Capital Offshore, Ltd. (jointly, ?Greenlight?) are two limited partnerships organized under Delaware law and a corporation organized in the British Virgin Islands.

RTFC and Greenlight are creditors of ICC-LLC and ECI.

Raynor was a director of New ICC. Prosser was the chairman of New ICC. New ICC is a management and holding company. New ICC is a wholly owned subsidiary of ECI. ECI is owned by ICC-LLC.

On September 7, 2007, the Bankruptcy Division issued an order authorizing Springel, as the trustee for ECI, to vote the shares of New ICC to replace New ICC?s board. On September 21, 2007, the Bankruptcy Division issued an order placing New ICC into involuntary bankruptcy. On October 3, 2007, the Bankruptcy Division issued an order appointing Springel as the trustee for New ICC. Prosser and Raynor appeal these three orders (jointly, the ?orders?).

Following the September 7, 2007 order authorizing Springel to vote the shares of New ICC, Springel executed two unanimous written consents in lieu of meetings, which removed Prosser and Raynor from their positions with New ICC and its subsidiaries. As such, neither Prosser nor Raynor is a current director or officer of New ICC.


The Court has jurisdiction to review this case pursuant to Title 28 U.S.C. ? 158(a). [1] The Court will review the Bankruptcy Division?s findings of fact for clear error and will exercise plenary review over questions of law. In re Barbel, No. 01-221, 2004 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 19417, at *2 (D.V.I. Sept. 21, 2004) (?A district court reviews the Bankruptcy Division?s conclusions of law de novo but may only review findings of fact that are clearly erroneous.?) (citing Fed. R. Bankr. P. 8013; In re Excalibur Auto. Corp., 859 F.2d 454, 457 (7th Cir. 1988) ). A bankruptcy court?s decision to grant a motion to appoint a Chapter 11 trustee is reviewed for abuse of discretion. See In re Marvel Entertainment Group Inc., 140 F.3d 463, 470 (3d Cir. 1998) . A court will be held to have abused its discretion ?if its decision was based on a clearly erroneous factual conclusion or an erroneous legal conclusion.? United States v. Wise, 515 F.3d 207, 217 (3d Cir. 2008) .


Springel contends that, whether the Court construes Prosser and Raynor?s filing as an appeal of orders of the Bankruptcy Division or as a motion to withdraw the reference, Prosser and Raynor lack standing to seek the relief requested. Springel argues that the Bankruptcy Code and rules make the trustee the only person with legal authority to take actions on behalf of New ICC.

Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 2012(a) provides that, ?[i]f a trustee is appointed in a chapter 11 case . . . the trustee is substituted automatically for the debtor in possession as a party in any pending action, proceeding, or matter.? On October 3, 2007, pursuant to the Bankruptcy Division?s order appointing Springel as the trustee of New ICC, Springel became the only party with standing to appeal the Bankruptcy Division?s orders regarding New ICC.

The right to appeal is part of the debtor?s estate in bankruptcy. Martin v. Monumental Life Ins. Co., 240 F.3d 223, 232 (3d Cir. 2001) ; see also 11 U.S.C. ? 541(a) (defining what comprises the bankruptcy estate). Accordingly, the right to appeal rests with the trustee, as ?the representative of the estate.? 11 U.S.C. ? 323(a); see also Fed. R. Bankr. P. 6009 (?With or without court approval, the trustee . . . may prosecute or may enter an appearance and defend any pending action or proceeding by or against the debtor, or commence and prosecute any action or proceeding in behalf of the estate before any tribunal.?). After a bankruptcy trustee has been appointed, only the trustee can pursue an appeal on behalf of the debtor corporation. See Martin, 240 F.3d at 232 (explaining that, because the right to appeal is part of the bankruptcy estate, only the trustee can pursue an appeal, unless the trustee has abandoned the appeal as part of the estate, pursuant to 11 U.S.C. ? 554). This is true unless the trustee first initiates an appeal and then decides to abandon it, subject to notice and a hearing, pursuant to 11 U.S.C. ? 554. Id.

In this case, after Springel was appointed as Chapter 11 trustee for New ICC, the authority to pursue appeals on behalf of New ICC belonged exclusively to Springel. At that point, Prosser and Raynor lost standing, to the extent they had it, to pursue the instant appeal. See, e.g., Riggs v. Aetna Life Ins. Co., 188 Fed. Appx. 659, 662-63 (10th Cir. June 14, 2006) (holding that a plaintiff who initiated a lawsuit and later filed for bankruptcy lacked standing to continue to pursue her claims in the lawsuit after a trustee in bankruptcy was appointed because ?[a]t that point, the bankruptcy trustee, not Ms. Riggs, was the real party in interest?); In re Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. Research Reports Securities Litigation, 375 B.R. 719, 725-26 (S.D.N.Y. 2007) (noting that, when a debtor filed for bankruptcy and a trustee was appointed, the debtor lost standing to pursue his claims in a pending action); see also In re Eisen, 31 F.3d 1447, 1451 n.2 (9th Cir. 1994) (?[E]ven if Eisen is a `person aggrieved,? Eisen, as a debtor, has no standing because Moneymaker, as trustee, is the representative of Eisen?s estate.?).

To the extent Prosser and Raynor?s filing is deemed to be a motion to withdraw the reference, their petition is similarly wanting. It is axiomatic that a party to a bankruptcy proceeding can seek withdrawal of the reference to the bankruptcy division. Section 157(d) provides that ?[t]he district court may withdraw, in whole or in part, any case or proceeding referred under this section, on its own motion or on timely motion of any party, for cause shown.? 28 U.S.C. ? 157(d). In determining whether ?cause? exists for discretionary withdrawal under section 157(d), courts are to consider four factors: (1) promoting uniformity in bankruptcy administration, (2) reducing forum-shopping, (3) fostering economical use of debtors? and creditors? resources, and (4) expediting the bankruptcy process. In re Pruitt, 910 F.2d 1160, 1168 (3d Cir. 1990) .

However, as non parties, Prosser and Raynor do not have standing to file a motion to withdraw the automatic reference to the Bankruptcy Division. See, e.g., Springel v. Prosser, No. 2008-145, 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 99490, at *6 (D.V.I. 2008) (?As a non-party, however, Dawn Prosser does not have standing to file a motion to withdraw the reference in that particular proceeding.?); Pitre v. Blanchard, No. 96-0014, 1996 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 4368, at *4 n. 4 (E.D. La. Mar. 27, 1996) (?the court notes that Pitre III is not a party to Adversary Proceeding No. 95-1200; consequently, he has no standing to bring a motion to withdraw the reference of that action.?).


For the foregoing reasons, whether Prosser and Raynor?s filing is construed as an appeal or as a motion to withdraw the reference, their petition for relief will be denied, and this matter will be dismissed. An appropriate order accompanies this memorandum opinion.

[1] Title 28 U.S.C. ? 158(a) provides that ?[t]he district courts of the United States shall have jurisdiction to hear appeals . . . from final judgments, orders, and decrees . . . of bankruptcy judges entered in cases and proceedings referred to the bankruptcy judges under [28 U.S.C. ? 157].? An appeal under this subsection shall be taken only to the district court for the judicial district in which the bankruptcy judge is serving.? 28 U.S.C. ? 158(a).


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Ex-employee reveals Facebook's 'secret' a/c details

The book also claimed that in 2007 Facebook technicians worked on a programme called "Judgebox", which would let users compare and rate women in echoes of founder Mark Zuckerberg's sexist "Facemash" app he developed at Harvard.

It confirms for the first time that Facebook staff have a programme called "Facebook Stalker" which lets them track who has been visiting their profiles, the Daily Mail reported.

And in the early days of the social networking website, employees were given the 'master' password with no security checks at all and allowed to do as they pleased.

These claims have been made in the new book by Losse who worked for Facebook between 2005 and 2010 and worked her way up from customer relations to be the speechwriter for its founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Click NEXT to

Facebook design chief Kate Aronowitz works at the company's headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Robert Galbraith/Reuters.


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Syrian troops besiege rebellious suburb


In this Thursday, June 28, 2012 photo, embers of the Free Syrian Army are seen in a neighborhood of Damascus, Syria. Much of the violence that has gripped Syria has been sanctioned by the government to crush dissent. But rebel fighters are launching increasingly deadly attacks on regime targets, and several huge suicide bombings this year suggest al-Qaida or other extremists are joining the battle. A bomb blast rocked central Damascus on Thursday near a busy market and the country's main justice complex, wounding at least three people and sending a cloud of black smoke into the air. (AP Photo)


In this Thursday, June 28, 2012 photo, embers of the Free Syrian Army are seen in a neighborhood of Damascus, Syria. Much of the violence that has gripped Syria has been sanctioned by the government to crush dissent. But rebel fighters are launching increasingly deadly attacks on regime targets, and several huge suicide bombings this year suggest al-Qaida or other extremists are joining the battle. A bomb blast rocked central Damascus on Thursday near a busy market and the country's main justice complex, wounding at least three people and sending a cloud of black smoke into the air. (AP Photo)


In this Thursday, June 28, 2012 photo, embers of the Free Syrian Army are seen in a neighborhood of Damascus, Syria. Much of the violence that has gripped Syria has been sanctioned by the government to crush dissent. But rebel fighters are launching increasingly deadly attacks on regime targets, and several huge suicide bombings this year suggest al-Qaida or other extremists are joining the battle. A bomb blast rocked central Damascus on Thursday near a busy market and the country's main justice complex, wounding at least three people and sending a cloud of black smoke into the air. (AP Photo)


Syrians inspect burned cars at the site of a blast in the Syrian capital Damascus Thursday June 28, 2012. A strong explosion rocked the Syrian capital Thursday near a busy market and the Palace of Justice, sending black smoke billowing into the sky. State TV reported at least three people were wounded and around 20 cars were damaged. (AP Photo/Muzaffar Salman)


Syrians inspect burned cars at the site of a blast in the Syrian capital Damascus Thursday June 28, 2012. A strong explosion rocked the Syrian capital Thursday near a busy market and the Palace of Justice, sending black smoke billowing into the sky. State TV reported at least three people were wounded and around 20 cars were damaged. (AP Photo/Muzaffar Salman)

BEIRUT (AP) ? Syrian troops bombarded a rebellious suburb of the nation's capital with tank and artillery shells Friday, killing dozens of people during a particularly bloody few days across the country, activists said.

The violence is part of a fierce government offensive aimed at regaining control of parts of Damascus suburbs where rebels operate. Major world powers were to meet Saturday in Geneva to hash out a political transition plan for Syria, which has been convulsed by more than 15 months of violence.

It's difficult to get an accurate death toll in tightly controlled Syria, where journalists and human rights groups are either banned or severely restricted. But two opposition groups that compile and document casualties reported the death of more than 125 civilians in fighting across the country on Thursday alone.

Death tolls often take several days to compile because of the restrictions and chaos in the country.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Thursday's toll included more than 60 soldiers. If confirmed, it would be one of the highest death tolls on a single day since the start of the uprising against President Bashar Assad in March 2011.

Activists said at least 43 people were killed in more than two days of shelling in the sprawling Damascus suburb of Douma, which has been a hotbed of dissent and has put up strong resistance to the Assad regime. The dead included three children and five members of a single family.

A local activist who spoke on condition of anonymity for security reasons said the shelling was "relentless" throughout Thursday, and exploding shells killed people in their homes.

"They (government troops) are trying to bring Douma under control, but they are being met by fierce resistance," said Rami Abdul-Rahman, the group's director. He said most of the dead were civilians.

The Local Coordination Committees network said 59 people were killed in Thursday's shelling of Damascus suburbs, most of them in Douma. The difference in tolls could not be reconciled.

The state-run SANA news agency said troops continue to pursue "terrorist groups" in Douma, raiding their hideouts and destroying their communications and other equipment. Clashes resulted in the death of dozens of terrorists ? the official term authorities use for rebels ? and the wounding and arrest of many others, the statement said.

Amateur videos posted by activists online showed bloodied bodies lying on blankets in a room and others shrouded in white sheets and placed on stretchers. "A new massacre by Bashar Assad," cried a man holding a dead girl in a pink blouse, a large gash on her face.

The violence around the capital's suburbs mirrored fighting across many parts of Syria that killed dozens of other people Thursday, according to the activist groups.

They say more than 14,000 people have been killed since the uprising began in March 2011.

Much of the violence that has gripped Syria has been sanctioned by the government to crush dissent. But rebel fighters are launching increasingly deadly attacks on regime targets, and several huge suicide bombings this year suggest al-Qaida or other extremists are joining the battle. A bomb blast rocked central Damascus on Thursday near a busy market and the country's main justice complex, wounding at least three people and sending a cloud of black smoke into the air.

The latest carnage came as world powers show new urgency to resolve the crisis, which so far has resisted international efforts.

On the eve of Saturday's conference in Geneva, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov were to meet in St. Petersburg in a bid to iron out deep differences over the transition plan being pushed by U.N. envoy Kofi Annan.

Annan's plan calls for the formation of a national unity government that would oversee the drafting of a new constitution and elections.

U.S. officials are adamant that the plan will not allow Assad to remain in power at the top of the transitional government, but Russia insists that outsiders cannot dictate the ultimate solution or the composition of the interim administration.

Annan laid out his expectations for the weekend conference in an op-ed in The Washington Post. The future government in Syria, he said, "must include a government of national unity that would exercise full executive powers. This government could include members of the present government and the opposition and other groups, but those whose continued presence and participation would undermine the credibility of the transition and jeopardize stability and reconciliation would be excluded."

Such a proposal does not explicitly bar Assad, but the U.S. and other Western powers who will participate in the conference said that is implicit.

Russia is Syria's most important ally, protector and supplier of arms. Diplomatic hopes have rested on persuading Russia to agree to a plan that would end the Assad family dynasty, which has ruled Syria for more than four decades.

There are few options besides keeping up diplomatic pressure, as an international military intervention is all but ruled out in the near future. Few countries are willing to get deeply involved in such an explosive conflict, and Russia and China have pledged to veto any international attempt to intervene militarily.


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Placing the OFFER TO PURCHASE a Property in South Florida ...

June 29th, 2012 Posted in Florida Real Estate Moving into your New Home

Enjoy moving into your new home

Homebuyers have had the advantage for six years, especially in hard-hit real estate markets. Buyers in the South Florida real estate market have enjoyed sweeping through cities like Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Plantation, Hillsboro Shores and Miami Beach, purchasing properties in some instances twenty-five cents on the peak market price. Now that the sellers? market is recovering, some buyers don?t realize or can?t accept the fact that the market has changed. As a result, some buyers in our area of Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County aren?t getting the homes they want. Here are common errors that realtors of the Henri Frank Group at REMAX, national real estate agents and real estate experts say buyers are making:



Low offers:

Ridiculously low offers were the norm during the housing bust, but buyers can?t get away with them anymore. The
mistake some buyers make is going so low that seller will not even consider their offer. Sellers think they are being lowballed on offers less than 90 percent of their asking prices. While some buyers say bids of 80 percent to 85 percent of the list price are reasonable, the seller may consider this an insult. This could cause the bid to be rejected and the buyer could lose their dream home.

Taking too long to submit an offer:

Agents who tell buyers not to take a long time thinking of an offer are often accused of being self-serving. With so few houses available for sale, agents say buyers don?t understand how the market has changed. Not all homes sell quickly because some sellers are asking for higher than market value. But properties priced appropriately in desirable neighborhoods tend to go under contract within days, weeks ? or sometimes hours. If the house is priced right you don?t want to mess around or you?ll end up without the house you want.

Littering the contract with contingencies:

The standard real estate contract includes stipulations, but some buyers also insist on unnecessarily long inspection periods or they want the sale to be contingent on a family member touring the property. You have to have a clean contract if you want to purchase your new home in a timely manner.

Failing to make a personal impression on the seller:

With some homes getting two or more bids, it?s not enough to offer a competitive price. Owners will look at other factors to decide which offer to take. It?s not just about the money, some sellers are emotionally attached to their homes and they want to take certain items with them when they leave. A seller may have two offers on their home but they will usually take the one in which the buyer agreed to pay cash and allowed the seller to take the washer and dryer or stove and refrigerator. Take the time to meet the seller?s agent. It is the seller?s call on which offer to select, but the listing agent will have input and it doesn?t hurt if the agent likes the potential buyer. Consider submitting a personal letter with the contract, describing features you like about the home and why buying it is important to you.

Choosing the right Real Estate Agent in South FLorida is #1 Important:

For professional guidance purchasing a single family home in Fort Lauderdale, a single family home in Wilton Manors, single family home in Miami or Miami Beach, single family home in Plantation, single family home in Oakland Park or anywhere in the South FLorida region, contact the expert South Florida Realtors of the Henri Frank Group powered by Remax Preferred in Fort Lauderdale, Wilton Manors, Plantation and Hillsboro Shores. Buying South FLorida real estate requires knowledgeable Realtors. ?We will be sure you as a buyer in 2012, you won?t make these common mistakes when placing an offer for a single family home or condominium in South Florida,? Frank Vigliotti, Co-Founder of the Henri Frank Group. ?If you continue to be misled and cannot seem to purchase a property here in Wilton Manors, Fort Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Miami Beach or anywhere in South Florida, you must call us,? Vigliotti added. The Henri Frank Group is conveniently located with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Hillsboro Shores and Wilton Manors, Florida.

USA Families Enjoy Homeownership

Freedom from Renting: Pride of Homeownership


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S. Korea, Japan postpone signing landmark military pact

S. Korea, Japan postpone signing landmark military pact

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Car Wreck Claims - Who To Show To When Filing

If you will have slipped on winter snow storms and snow and now have suffered an damage, you may meet the requirements to make a physical injury claim. Maybe in hard work to avoid bashing them, you try so that you can swerve and struck another object such as another car, street light, a tree or possibly a person. It is the safest strategy to file for reimbursement, as you don't lose any further money if you lose possible and it's a full win win predicament, if you claim may be a success. The solicitor you choose provides you with legal advice concerning the car accident accident claim and he'll also keep your claim is established. You must speak with an expert so that you can assess motoring accident your own claim as every case is dissimilar. If you might take photos of an individual's injuries yourself, or get somebody to undertake it right away, do so! This is to help you to make sure you're getting a fair deal on your settlement.

Planning some sort of court case that might effectively bring your claims may be the most difficult an area of the whole situation. The type for injury itself may also play a role in the progression. Did you include any previous injuries ahead of the accident? A classic example in this was people had to work in websites contaminated with asbestos. This is important if you need to come out a success. In case of accident, the person must wait till the admitted towards the hospital to get a preview of his actual physical injuries and he must get the help of anybody you like to deal when using the vehicle.

The solution seems easier than you think to come with but employing it is much more and more difficult. Furthermore, you could possibly keep your whole level of reimbursement without having undetectable breaks. Another thing to make note of is, never listen to help previous case victory stories. You may also call pretty much any eyewitness to obtain his or her account for generating true legitimate. From doctors computer files to medical monthly dues and fees; this is sizzling you are likely to back up which need compensation. In most occasions, such conditions in addition adversely affect our own work, personal routine as well as lifestyle. Then if things tend not to go right it is easy to still claim on your individual insurance.

Has any one be denied some sort of insurance claim axiom it be a person inflickted or personally induced injury.? Always make sure you might have an emergency contact individual can come to your scene and take pictures when you are unable to. Road accidents are certainly severe and they are crucial in terms of injuries because almost all accidents on streets have severe wounds. They will also organize for a damaged car being picked up on the police compound and arrive at an approved repairer. This article will be working as your guide and it may help you understand a number of tips to assist you to get 100 percentage compensation for an accident injury claim. It may even trigger you to lose control within your body increasing the means of an automobile accident happening.

Your claim will likely be calculated according to the circumstances. Simply wiping affordable dirty headlamps along with clearing windows properly day-to-day will ensure you will find the road all of the time. If you maintain in a very vehicle accident injuries make a difference to them for the rest you could have. The worry is they would always only operate with very slow-moving potential customers. Granted, having a head restraint improves on having none in any respect, and will reduce the chance associated with a serious injury. This is given that; the defense solicitor or the insurance plan adjuster will question any person on these troubles. Have this on paper from the starting point & this can ensure you receive 100% with this compensation prize and therefore maximise how much money did you obtain through the crash claim.

For the Spoiled Housekeeper: A $1,000,000 golden vacuum

When you've got a lot of money?? and we mean a lot?? your first instinct may be to flaunt it with an ultra-expensive?Corvette-turned-speedboat or by buying?Celine Dion's French Canadian castle. But for the truly ostentatious, we offer this for your consideration: A $1,000,000 gold-plated vacuum cleaner.

The GoVacuum GV6272011,?currently on sale for $999,999 (seriously, that's the discount price?? it's been marked down by $1), is almost certainly the most expensive piece of house-cleaning tech that a billionaire who's really bad with their money can buy. It's a lightweight, commercial-grade vacuum, ideal for cleaning up the mess following those times your butler's butler accidentally knocks over your bowl of diamonds. And yes, this vacuum is 24-karat-gold-plated, presumably just because it can be.

Who, exactly, would be in the market for a million-dollar vacuum? Perhaps the unusually well-paid maid of a billionaire? A?Facebook founder turned carpet-cleaning hobbyist ready to take his game to the next level? Someone easily swayed by the swag offered by the vacuum rap in the video above? We're not sure exactly. But we dare not suggest you need to act quick on this million-dollar offer: This thing will likely be sitting on the sales floor for quite some time.

[via?Born Rich]

This article was written by Fox Van Allen and originally appeared on Tecca

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Payroll Management Program Offers Know-How and Important ...

Are you looking to attend a Payroll Management program with affiliations to the most respected organizations in this industry? If so, you may want to consider applying to attend Centennial Colleges? one year Payroll Management offering, which allows graduates to be eligible to receive the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) from the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) subject to their joining the CPA and complying with its professional requirements. Registration in this will incur costs in addition to tuition.


Centennial College?s Payroll Management program recognizes that payroll management is critical to businesses and other organizations because of the significant amounts of money involved in employee remuneration and the complexity of the legal requirements. As such, it focuses on providing students with an extensive knowledge base, the development and enhancement of crucial skills in a number of key areas and preparation to begin working as payroll generalists with a solid foundation for subsequent career advancement. To apply for this offering, students are required to have completed a college diploma or university degree in any discipline or have a partial post-secondary education and relevant work experience. In addition, Payroll Management applicants may be asked to participate in an interview process, during which a transcript and resume review may be requested. English proficiency will also be considered.


Payroll Management students who wish to enroll in the Introduction to Payroll Management (formerly Payroll Management Processes) and Applied Payroll Management (formerly Payroll Management Practices) Canadian Payroll Association CPM level payroll courses ?must meet a payroll experience prerequisite to register?. To satisfy this prerequisite, students must have ?at least two years of experience being responsible for an organization?s payroll function, which includes being accountable to management for the accuracy of employees? pay and all government statutory remittances, or equivalent experience, obtained in the past five years.?


Using case studies, simulations and project-based learning, with a focus on developing project management, teamwork, report writing and presentation skills, the Payroll Management offering teaches students everything they need to successfully enter the industry. Payroll Management is delivered in partnership with the Canadian Payroll Association (CPA), with the association supplying 50 per cent of the courses. This industry leading payroll curriculum is supplemented by graduate level instruction in managerial accounting, strategic compensation, pensions and benefits. An emphasis is also placed on emerging trends and issues in payroll management, such as the use of promising technologies and changing legislative requirements. As such, payroll system training is taught using an SAP application. Specific courses in Payroll Management include: Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, Business Presentations, Payroll Compliance, Strategic Compensation, Human Resources Management in Canada, Pensions and Benefits, Payroll Systems and more.


Once they graduate, Payroll Management students may obtain positions as: payroll clerks/ officers, payroll and benefits clerks/ administrators/ payroll accountants, human resource and payroll generalists, general accounting coordinator, and small business bookkeepers/accountants.


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Friday, June 29, 2012

Departures Magazine: Travel Gadgets For Summer 2012 (PHOTOS)

Years ago summer was lo-fi -- a season more about escape than entertainment. Going on a vacation was easy, requiring little more than packing some clothes, grabbing the family and driving off to wherever the spirit moved you. There were no screens built into headrests or automated voices directing the way.

Travelers were almost completely unplugged.

That was another time, well before we lost our innocence to MP3 players and GPS systems, iPads and Kindles. Now, gadgets have become as much a part of our lives as our families (with the added benefit of volume control). So when it comes time to travel this summer, arm yourself with the right types of gadgetry -- whether you're headed to your backyard in the Hamptons or to a more far-flung destination.

Some of this season's best new items are simple improvements on older ones, like the HTC One cellphone from AT&T. It does everything a smartphone should, yet comes with a camera that's anything but an afterthought, capable of taking up to four shots per second. Then there are the more innovative options like the GoPro Hero02, a wearable HD camcorder that captures video from your perspective--no matter what adventure you've stumbled upon.

Some want a gadget that brings the vacation to them. Epson's new Home Cinema 5010e projector creates a drive-in backyard theater with a crisp 1080p high-definition picture instead of a washed-out image (it's like the difference between a perfect summer cocktail and a flat soda--no contest). Or, if vacationing means eating well, the high-tech, LED-loaded grill from Lynx will transform any barbecue into an advanced gourmet experience--though the cooking is still up to you.

Here's a closer look at our favorite summer gadgets that are fitting for whatever types of travel plans take shape this season.

--Curtis Peters

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-Let's Go Glamping!
-The World's Best New Museums

  • Canon PowerShot Elph 520 HS 4

    At only three-quarters of an inch wide, the 520 HS 4 ($299) can fit easily into a shirt pocket. And with 10.1 megapixels, a 12X zoom and 1080p hi-definition video-recording capability, the camera can handle anything a vacation throws at it. Most impressive is the Elph?s ability to recognize faces in both video and still modes. Program in up to 12 faces, and the camera will recognize those instantly whenever they enter the frame, automatically focusing on them over anyone and anything else. Take a bad picture, and you have only yourself to blame. <a href="" target="_hplink"><em></em></a>

  • Earhero Ear Buds

    Popping in headphones for a morning run can help you focus, but it can also keep you from hearing what?s happening around you. Earhero Ear Buds ($149), a technology that, until recently, was sold only to government security agencies, are big on sound but small enough to not fill the entire ear canal, which means you can listen to music while remaining aware of your surroundings. You could even carry on a conversation while wearing them, should you choose to tune in. <a href="" target="_hplink"><em></em></a>

  • Garmin N?vi 3590LMT

    Wherever you travel this summer, the N?vi 3590LMT ($380) will get you there. And thanks to its free lifetime digital 3-D traffic and map updates, it might even get you there faster than other navigation systems (especially if you have an Android phone, which the N?vi links to using its Internet connection to get traffic updates up to ten times more often than other receivers). The five-inch touch screen is easy to control by hand, but even easier?and safer?to regulate by voice. Just say menu options and the N?vi responds?while you keep your hands where they should be: at ten and two. <a href="" target="_hplink"><em></em></a>

  • GoPro Hero02

    This wearable video camera shoots 1080p hi-definition video and 11-megapixel stills, and is waterproof up to 200 feet. Available accessories let you strap the GoPro ($300) to your helmet or chest, or even to the roof of your car, so whether you?re zip-lining in Costa Rica, mountain biking in Colorado or snorkeling in Kauai, you can capture first-person video with the touch of a button. Talk about bringing ?wishing you were here? to life. <a href="" target="_hplink"><em></em></a>

  • HTC One X Smartphone

    It doesn?t matter how good your camera is if you don?t have it with you. Luckily, the HTC One smartphone ($199) is never far. It snaps eight-megapixel shots?as many as four per second, thanks to an innovative burst mode. (Taking four times as many pictures means the chances of getting a good shot are four times greater.) Plus, the One has aperture settings up to F 2.0, which is great for low light and gives you the ability to take beautiful artistic shots?without the need for Instagram filters. <a href="" target="_hplink"><em></em></a>

  • Lynx 54-Inch Free-Standing Grill

    When you travel to your backyard this summer, what better centerpiece is there than a tech-savvy, professional-grade barbecue grill? Although it can?t improve your cooking, this model from Lynx ($9,119) can make it easier, with 1,555 square inches of grilling surface, LED-illuminated controls, built-in halogens to light up everything and both a rotisserie and a smoker, should you happen to feel adventurous. Plus, a feature called hood-assist lets you lift the 40-pound hood with a single finger, leaving your other hand free to handle important tasks, like holding a drink. <a href="" target="_hplink"><em></em></a>

  • Petzl Nao Headlamp

    The Nao ($175) brings predictive technology to camping, using sensors to automatically adjust brightness and beam width based on light conditions and the angle of your head. This makes for better functionality and hugely improved battery life. The beam narrows when focused on a map, conserving energy and directing light just where you want it. Look back up at the trail and the beam widens, lighting up everything ahead. <a href="" target="_hplink"><em></em></a>

  • Sony PlayStation Vita

    Even if you don?t play video games, it?s hard not to want to after trying the PlayStation Vita ($300). The five-inch OLED screen is exceptionally bright and vivid, so you?ll be as fascinated with the images here as you were when you first experienced HDTV. It has built-in 3G connectivity and WiFi for online gaming, or a game can be started on a PlayStation at home, paused and continued on the Vita. It has obligatory apps for the likes of Facebook, Netflix and Foursquare, but you?ll be hooked on the fun and the games?even if you aren?t ready to admit it yet. <a href="" target="_hplink"><em></em></a>


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Tiberius was sitting in his office. It was very...traditional. the four walls of the room were bolstered by the feeling like you were in the wilderness and in a log cabin. Isolated. Alone. On these wooden edifices were portraits of former Deans of course, to go along with such a 'rustic' appearance was a fireplace with a large mantle of carved marble that looked straight up like ivory and bone. It crackled and cackled to its master, begging his attention yet--Tiberius was much too drawn away for it. In return, the vermilon haze drifted over the dark wooden floors, over the antique Indonesian rug and over the furnishings of the room. The two leather upholstered chairs before a dark cherry stained desk that the Dean sat behind.

There was even a lounge chair where students could come to him to relax and tell him their worries. The Dean carried man responsibilities.playing a partial councilor was just one of them. Most did not remember what a 'Dean' really was in the first place, that it stemmed heavily from Clunic Reformed medieval monasteries.Where monks numbering in the thousands, large enough to fill a small college campus, and would be divided into ten. The title Dean stemmed from the Latin 'Decanus' meaning 'leader of ten'.

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Tiberius Maximus Caine.

Tiberius' eyes fell into saccadic motion as his hand gripped the brush and with it, dunk it into an ebony pot of the more 'smooth' liquid paste known commonly as 'ink'. This ink, however, was a composite. Comprised of soot and animal glue. The same animal glue that was a protein colloid made from hydrolysis of the collagen of the skin, the bones and the tendons and other connective tissues. Most commonly it was a horse, however, this was a special glue. It reminded him of his latest kill. For very good reason too.

Making sure he had just enough, but not overly too much--scraping fine animal hairs along the inside of the delicate glass jar. The black ink had almost a red tinge to it. A sinister and grim fate his victim had fallen to. To fall so short of what was expected-- only the strong thrived in this world. If killing a man was tantamount to any grievous injury be it emotional, physical or mental then truly he was lost for the cause. If it equated the value of man--then he was paramount. Such was the machinations of this dismal world. And as he set the brush down against the solid sheet of parchment; hand fluidly devising each stroke carefully, with painstaking precision it became clear once again what he was.

A hunter. A killer of men. A manslayer. A murderer. A saint to some, and a dubious Armageddon to others.

Each stroke, every line of the calligraphic note he drew--each pulsated with the final moments of his victims thoughts. It begged at him, hearkened him to pull from this reverie he was slowly languishing in. He relished the ardor in secret. The precise moment when, he was God and could feel the life evaporate from another human being. It didn't come easily to him, not at first. But when Oblivion takes you, wraps you in its cold embrace. Any form of satisfaction becomes a lifelong dream.

He heard the knock at his door. The one that bore the prestigious gilded plate bearing his name. A name which, frankly, bothered him. For shadows had no names. They had no personalities, no feelings. They were whispers and rumors. They were, that feeling of constant dread in knowing there is nothing you could do to belay you own demise.

Calmly, he sat the brush in the jar. Rolled his parchment neatly, almost with an obessive-compulsory reaction, and slid from his chair and sauntered across the open room. His hand gripping the horizontal handle as he pulled it to. "Yes, how may I help you miss..?" It was a transient question deferring to revealing her name. Yet this one appeared, 'different' than the students he would normally associate with. Older perhaps, she carried her self with satisfaction with confidence rather than a girl who was insecure or..god forbid...'bitchy'.


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MobileMe Shuts Down Tomorrow: Save Your Pictures and Files Before They Disappear [Psa]

If you didn't get the memo last year, here's your last warning: MobileMe is shutting down on Saturday June 30th. That's tomorrow. If you still have pictures in your MobileMe Gallery or files on iDisk, save it or it's going bye bye forever! More »


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