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DataSaver (for Android)

Capped data plans are the new normal, so it's time to use every trick in the book to maximize your available smartphone data. DataSaver, from Devicescape, should definitely be in an Android phone owner's toolkit. Running in the background, DataSaver automatically connects you to a range of Wi-Fi hotspots, auto-negotiating those tricky login pages so you can surf without hitting your carrier's 3G network. It's like Boingo Mobile ($8 per month), but free.

Installation and Display
Installing DataSaver is easy: just download it from Google Play and run it. It runs on Android 2.2 and up; I tested it on a Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx, an HTC One S, and a Samsung Galaxy S III (Verizon Wireless)?and it worked fine on all of them. The app runs in the background. You can quit it manually by pressing the menu button and selecting "DataSaver Off." You'll also need to restart it by hand when you restart your phone.

DataSaver has a few main screens. The primary screen shows whether you're on 3G or Wi-Fi, the speed of your connection, and how much data you've saved so far by using Wi-Fi. There's a data counter involved, so you can set it to reflect your data plan and see how close you are to your limit. You can also see which apps have used the most data, as a pie chart. Delving into the settings lets you add passwords you know for private hotspots.

Unfortunately, the data readouts on two of my three phones were inaccurate. After a day's worth of use, the Galaxy S III reported it had used 106 TB of data on 3G?yes, that's terabytes, and no, that's not right. The HTC One S reported that it had used 201 MB of 3G data on the main page, but only 90.9 MB on the pie chart. Devicescape general manager Jean-Marc Matteini said the company is looking into both issues.

DataSaver beats OEMs' automatic Wi-Fi connection software because in many cases, it knows how to negotiate the "captive portals" which prevent you from just logging in and surfing. You know, those annoying Web pages which force you to approve terms and conditions?DataSaver does away with those.

DataSaver worked well in Hilton hotels, at Starbucks and McDonald's, and with public hotspots run by the Surfintown network. DataSaver didn't work with every public network I wandered into, though. In Warwick, Clarion, and Carlton hotels in Manhattan, it connected briefly to the networks, but then couldn't figure out how to negotiate and disconnected.

That isn't the end of the story, though. Here's something really cool: according to Devicescape execs, Datasaver uploads those portal pages to Devicescape, which solves them either through automated or human means and then adds them to the database. So within a few weeks, a rejected portal may start working.

It's hard to find and target DeviceScape hotspots because there's no map in DataSaver, although you can go to easywifi.com to find a map of hotspots. In much of New York City, there seems to be one on every block. Unfortunately, when I then roamed a few block trying to attach to hotspots on the map, most of them didn't connect. Devicescape's Matteini said a future version of DataSaver may have a coverage map function.

Everything you run in the background uses battery, of course. Over the course of a day, Android reported that DataSaver had used 5% of my battery life?far less than I'd used on the gallery app, but more than Gmail. So you'll have to balance the ability to automatically log into Wi-Fi hotspots with a slight decrease in battery life.?

With the size of DeviceScape's offload network remaining mysterious, it's hard to say how much you'll benefit from DataSaver where you live. But it's certainly worth downloading and trying for a few days.

DataSaver had mixed results when combined with our Editors' Choice for data-saving apps, Onavo Extend. Onavo Extend seemed to initially block DataSaver from detecting some hotspots, and then it started working. Devicescape's Matteini said DataSaver and Onavo Extend should be able to work together. That would be the best of both worlds: Onavo Extend compresses data while you're on 3G, and DataSaver connects you to Wi-Fi when it can. The combination will help make your capped data go much further.

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Is Your House Termite Infested? Employ a Pest Control Professional to

It's amazing how termites can easily destroy enormous manmade infrastructures, showing that nature still in some way dominates. Simply think about how a colony of small insects owns adequate power to destroy entire buildings by turning structural components hollow and fragile. Termite colonies are developed like ant colonies and are populated by a multitude of workers, an army of hefty soldiers, and a duo of king and queen termites.

The majority of termites are attracted to wooden items because in the wild, wood represents their food and shelter. Because of this, homes constructed with wooden materials are significantly prone to termite problems. Although specific wood types like redwood, cypress and oak are naturally termite-resistant, some of the best woods can easily fall prey to termites. Wood floors, home sidings, coverings, and furnishings are all susceptible and require treatment to keep termites from invading and destroying them entirely.

To damage structural components, termites only have to get in using cracks or fissures and devour as much wood as they could. Residents typically do not notice the initial signs, until they start noticing mysterious fallen splinters behind wooden furnishings. These splinters are in some cases accompanied with particles that look like sand-like wooden grains, which are in fact termite droppings.

Residents can then call for pest control experts, who initially carry out a thorough checkup of the entire residence. They check for traces of hollowness in walls, floorings, furnishings then examine the attic, the basement, and the crawl space, places where termites are likely to thrive. When termites are found, it would certainly be ideal to execute tent fumigation or tenting, a procedure which annihilates termites through exposure to toxic gases.

There are three additional methods by which pest control Orange County professionals get rid of termites-- orange oil, polyethylene foam underlayment, and heating. Orange oil gotten from orange peel is a solution consisting of 90 percent d-limonene. D-limonene is generally utilized in cleansing items and has harmful effects on termites but is safe for people and pets.

Polyethylene foam underlayment is set under wooden construction materials and hinders termites from hollowing out into the wood. This is the type of practical termite control Irvine houses need if the center of the termite colony is primarily found outside, with just a small section extending into the home. Foam defends the structure, while orange oil can also be applied to offer more protection for furniture.

The kind of pest control Orange County specialists execute could likewise involve heat treatment in afflicted locations. Directing heat levels as high as 130? F to influenced spots can wipe out termites and send the uncooperative ones running off. For more related information, check out Termite.com.

For more details, search pest control Orange County and termite control Irvine in Google for related information.

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Seagate Expansion 2TB USB External Hard Disk | Computers and ...

Internet and Technology | Computers and Technology | * Written by Vinnit Alex | Monday, 30 July 2012 01:47 | Word Count: 490

If you know that your computer?s hard drive is full and you cannot delete anything to find space for other important stuff, then it is time to think of investing in Seagate hard disk drives. They are portable, durable and affordable as well. Seagate provides affordable expansion external hard drives that provide the much needed storage requirements for ever. It is basically simple to use, you have to simply plug in the single USB cable and it is ready when you are.

Seagate is a well known company related to storage media and the hard drives. They are experts in the hard drives that come in different capacities and purposes or the colors as well. With Seagate you know where to look for all your storage needs. It also needs some research before you buy the new hard disk drives for your PC. They have become popular due to their portability and the speed at which they perform. They are smart and built to last. Everybody needs an external hard disk for their computer need, which is why many brands are coming with great products that can help you transfer, save, download and carry on various activities.

The Seagate expansion 2TB USB comes with a capacity of 500 GB to 3 RB and is best for your desk top external storage so that you can save all your large files along with media. If you are a lot into saving all your office work daily and are heavily into storing all media files, then the Seagate expansion is a great product for you. You can use the USB 3.0 interface and in fact, there is no need for software to install or even configure it. Now you know where to get all your solutions for transferring files, storing or downloading them. All you have to do is drag and drop to save files and you are sorted. It comes in-built with power management and provides energy efficient functions.

Apart from this, the hard disk drives can provide 2000 hours of digital video, 500 numbers of 2 hours DVD films, 6400,000 number of digital photos and 33, 320 hours of digital music. With such features at our service, one cannot but appreciate the power and performance of the expansion 2 TB USB. It is recognized by the Windows operating system and therefore no software is needed to configure. The dimensions are 39.79 x 125.91 x 207.08 mm and the weight is 1002 grams and comes with a warranty of 3 years. It is a perfect choice for you backup needs for all kinds of stuff like movies, photos or files and is a perfect one for tech lovers. The Seagate expansion 2TB USB price is Rs. 7,128 approximately.


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Business Partners - A Goddess of Frugality

Venture capital firms, entreprenuers, business owners, and corporations have the opportunity to work with an internet based service that can assist them with mergers and acquisitions. Network to find partners, business opportunities, new clients, investors, and more. Download sample business plans to help you with your own company?s business plan. You will also have the ability to find out the laws for raising capital for your business and have links to the necessary legal forms. Legal forms include (but are not limited to):

-Limited Partnership Agreement

-Non-disclosure Agreement

-Source Material License

-Trademark Use Assignment

-Employment Agreement

You will also be able to find out what venture capitalist firms are looking for, including companies with trademarks, patents, and or copyrights. You will also be able to learn the ten steps to secure capital from learning whether venture capital is right for you to securing the deal. A trusted internet service will help you find all of these reliable sources needed to make your own business a success.

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How To Choose Snowboard Sizing For Kids

Snowboarding at an early age is the best way to develop snowboarding skills among children. Since they get exposed to learning these skills in their childhood, they achieve a lot in the future as well. This indicates that their first steps in snowboarding should be as good as their expectations. For this reason, the most essential thing parents should consider is snowboard sizing to buy the perfect boards.

In order to know the snowboard size for your child, all you will need is a measuring tape, weight scale, and the shoe size of your child's snowboard. Below are some important steps that can help you buy a snowboard with a size that suits kids the most:

Know Your Children's Shoe Sizes of the Snowboards

The snowboard shoe size of your child can give you a clear idea of what type of snowboard you should buy for him/her. Therefore, the first step of getting the right sized snowboard is to obtain the size of your child's snowboard shoes.

If your children have their snowboarding shoes with them, just note down their size on a piece of paper. You still have another option if they do not have snowboarding shoes yet. You can take out their regular shoes and note down the shoe size. The size of a snowboarding shoe should be half bigger than a regular shoe size. Make an estimate accordingly.

Measure Your Children's Weight

Take a weight scale and measure the weight of your children in pounds. It is important to consider the units of measurement because a snowboard sizing calculator and chart require you to insert the weight in pounds.

Measure Your Children's Height

Use a measuring tape to measure the height of your children. Although the measuring tape will show you the height in both inches and centimeters, you can write it down in centimeters. However, you can use inches if you have to insert height into a snowboard sizing calculator.

Shop for the Right Snowboards

After you have gathered information on your children's height, weight, and show size, it is time to shop for the snowboards. You can either shop for these online or by visiting specialty stores. While shopping, make sure that you prefer those models that are especially manufactured for kids. Many snowboards are specifically designed on the basis of gender. Therefore, shop accordingly.

Have a Sizing Chart

The purpose of a sizing chart is to guide snowboarders about which size of boards they should buy. Of course, it depends on the height, weight, ability, and riding style of your child. You can download this chart from the Internet. Once you have it with you, refer to it and find out the size of snowboards that suit your child.

Some Considerations

? If you want to purchase a free ride snowboard for your child, then make sure that it is a long board. This is because longer boards have better floatation in powder. Another reason is that they are more stable as compared to boards of other sizes.

? If your children want to use a snowboard for recreational use only, then you should buy snowboards with shorter sizes. These kinds of snowboards are easier to use while turning and spinning them.

Copyright (c) 2012 Jay Charles

About the Author:
Since some kids get exposed to learning snowboarding skills in their childhood, they achieve a lot in the future as well. This indicates that their first steps in snowboarding should be as good as their expectations. For this reason, the most essential thing parents should consider are the different snowboard sizes available for their child.

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Dracut East travel team wins Chelmsford Baseball Tournament

The Dracut East 10-year-old travel team won the Chelmsford Baseball Tournament on July 14 beating West Boylston 2-0 in the Championship game. In the front row are Kyle Cox,Lucas Ibarguen, Jared Marchand, Bat Boy Timothy McGonigle, Sean McMeniman, Jack Leahy, Patrick Crowley and Aiden Maston.

In the second row are Jared Fahey, Devin Lambert, Eric Airosus, Chase McGonigle, Jack Beal, Timothy Picard. In the third row are Coach Ken McMeniman, Manager Jon Leahy, Coach Jim McGonigle and Coach Tim Crowley.

Source: http://www.thevalleydispatch.com/ci_21173108/dracut-east-travel-team-wins-chelmsford-baseball-tournament?source=rss_viewed

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Sanctions-hit Iran 'expands' oil tanker insurance

Sanctions-hit Iran 'expands' oil tanker insurance

TEHRAN (AFP)? Iran is expanding its insurance on its fleet of 47 oil tankers through a multi-billion-dollar line of credit as it seeks to get around EU sanctions crimping its crude exports, reports said on Saturday.

"Iran is ready to give total insurance for the transport of its oil... and the commitments by Iranian insurers are no different from those by Western insurers and therefore all risks and dangers are insured," Iran's OPEC representative, Mohammad Ali Khatibi, was quoted as saying by the state-run newspaper IRAN.

The Fars news agency cited an "informed source" it did not identify as saying that the government had given the central state insurance agency, Bimeh Markazi, a line of credit worth several billion dollars to insure the tankers. It said 10 percent of the money had already been transferred.

The measure, apparently aimed at any buyer of Iranian crude worldwide, expands on a promise of insurance for deliveries of its oil using Iranian tankers to major customers China and India. South Korea is also mulling joining the offer.

Iran is suffering a cut in oil sales abroad of up to 40 percent, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), because of an EU embargo on Iranian crude imports and a related ban on European insurers providing cover for deliveries of Iranian oil anywhere in the world.

European insurers accounted for 90 percent of coverage for Iran before the EU sanctions took effect on July 1.

Iran, which is striving to maintain a semblance of business as usual over its oil exports, is attempting to fill the insurance gap itself, but it faces several obstacles.

US sanctions targeting Iranian financial transactions make it unclear how Iran could pay out any claims arising from accidents involving its tankers.

Oil tankers are typically insured for up to $1 billion because of the risk of oil spills.

A European analyst in Tehran noted that the 40 tankers in Iran's fleet owned by the NITC, formerly known as the National Iranian Tanker Company, each had a long-distance capacity of up to two million barrels of oil.

Iran, before the EU sanctions, exported around 2.5 million barrels of oil per day. The IEA estimates that has now been cut to around 1.5 million barrels per day.

Several of the NITC vessels were being used in June to store Iranian offshore crude that Tehran has not been able to sell because of the sanctions, according to industry specialists.

Iran has announced plans to quickly expand its onshore storage capacity, which has been saturated, including by subcontracting to private firms. Tehran has also ordered 12 new supertankers from China and should receive the first in December.

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NY, NJ lawmakers want ammunition sales restricted (Providence Journal)

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A Potpourri of Vestiges: Queimada (1969): Italian Filmmaker Gillo ...

Queimada (1969): Italian Filmmaker Gillo Pontecorvo?s political satire featuring a tour de force from Marlon Brando

A Potpourri of Vestiges Review

Our Rating: 9.5

IMDb Ratings: 7.0

Genre: Action?| Drama

Cast:?Marlon Brando, Evaristo M?rquez, Norman Hill
Language: Italian?|?Portuguese?
Country: Italy?| France

Runtime: 115 min

Queimada (as known as Burn!) is a 1969 motion-picture directed by celebrated Italian moviemaker Gillo Pontecorvo. Queimada is Pontecorvo?s follow up to his critically acclaimed magnum opus, Battle of Algiers?an epic war movie based on the events surrounding the Algerian War. Queimada stars American movie-icon Marlon Brando in the lead role of a mercenary named Sir William Walker. With its anti-war, anti-racist themes, Queimada serves to be a powerful political drama that gets better with each viewing.

The highlight of the movie, apart from its controversial themes, is undoubtedly Brando?s larger than life portrayal of Sir William Walker. In a career spanning over five decades, Brando gave a plethora of breathtaking performances which include the tour de force of a hot-headed brute in?A Streetcar Named Desire, the Oscar-winning portrayal of an ex-prize fighter turned longshoreman trying to fight against the all-pervasive corruption in On the Waterfront, the icy portrayal of an outlaw betrayed by his partner in One-Eyed Jacks, the heart-wrenching portrayal of a recluse widower in Last Tango in Paris, and the unforgettable portrayal of an aging patriarch of an organised crime dynasty in The Godfather. Among the myriad of performances that Brando delivered during his long illustrious career, it?s quite remarkable that he rated his portrayal of an agent provocateur in Pontecorvo?s Queimada as his best ever. In his autobiography "Songs My Mother Taught Me", Brando revealed, "I did some of my best acting in 'Burn!'". Brando also admitted to it during an interview with Larry King on CNN as the latter, apparently disinterested in discussing a relatively unknown movie during the precious little time he had with the great actor, never allowed Brando to justify his choice. Queimada features in the eclectic list of motion-pictures??Movies that make you think??by film enthusiast and critic Jugu Abraham.? According to the briefing given to Sir William Walker at the beginning of his journey, Queimada is the one of the hundreds of islands of the Lesser Antilles. Quiemada has a literal meaning of ?Burnt? which it derives from the fact that the Portuguese once had to burn the island to ashes in order to put an end to the resistance of the native Indians. Since the indigenes were obliterated during the assault, slaves were brought from Africa to take care of the sugarcane plantations. Walker, an American?mercenary,?is hired by the British to instigate the indigenes to help start a revolution against the Portuguese so that the English nation can exercise its control over the sugar production in the island of Queimada. But, few years later, when the revolution regurgitates posing a direct threat to the English conquest of Lesser Antilles, they decide to put an end to it by suppressing the very revolutionaries they had once spawned.? On the face of it, the movie deals with imperialism of the nineteenth century wherein colonial superpowers like England enslaved the black in the name of civilizing them?a seemingly moral obligation that the English?laureate?Rudyard Kipling so eloquently referred to as ?The White Man?s Burden?. ??But, if one digs deeper the tale that is presented here appears to be both universal as well as timeless. A couple of centuries back, it was sugar that was perceived as a priced commodity, one that could make or break a fortune, but in the contemporary context, oil is the commodity that holds that coveted spot. Such is the power of Quiemada that the conflict depicted in the movie can be aptly applied to several scenarios of past few decades. While in the movie it is the overambitious English sugar plantation company that held the actual sway over the Governments of Quiemada as well as Great Britain, today we have petrochemical giants that happen to dictate their terms to the governments of the world. Quiemada serves to be a smack in the face for all the perpetrators of mankind who have ever tried to exploit or patronize a certain oppressed section of humanity on the basis of color, creed, race, caste, sex, or religion.? What makes Marlon Brando?s portrayal singular is the element of unfathomable complexity associated with it. Sir William Walker is a ruthless mercenary, a filibuster, an agent provocateur, who knows no bounds when it comes to fulfilling his mission, and yet he has a certain element of humaneness that makes him likable. Behind the facade of a manipulative mercenary there exists a disgruntled, self-loathing persona trying desperately to escape his overwhelming guilt. Ironically, every move that he makes takes him deeper and deeper into the quicksand of his guilt as the escape becomes impossible. ?Brando?s William Walker is a cross between a wolf and a sheep, a fiend and a beloved, an inflictor and a savior, a demon and an angel, a usurper and a guardian, a misanthrope and an altruist, and a mercenary and a messiah. It is this ambiguity that makes Brando?s portrayal unique and remarkably magnificent. Walker is a gifted orator, a master manipulator, an opportunistic pacifier who dresses with the perfection of a fop. His aristocratic attire offers a striking contrast to the shabby appearance of the war-torn natives. Interestingly, Pontecorvo wanted Brando's portrayal of Sir William Walker to be out and out bad, but it Brando who insisted on putting up a grey-shaded caricature for Walker.?

Vintage Franco Solinas, Brando, during the course of the movie, gets to deliver some unforgettable lines, including a monologue in which he expatiates on the economics of using a paid worker vis-a-vis a slave by comparing it to the advantages of choosing a prostitute over a wife. However, my most favorite moment comes when Sir William Walker exhorts the power-hungry politicians of Quiemada to offer amnesty to the guerrilla leader Jose Dolores warning them about the overwhelming power of a myth in comparison to a man, for unlike a man a myth cannot be killed and only grows to become a legend. Brando is well supported by the rest of the cast that mainly consists of Italian actors and amateurs. The team and Marcello Gatti and Giuseppe Ruzzolini have done wonders to movie?s cinematography as the events seem to be taking place in front of the eyes rather than on the screen. Master composer Ennio Morricone?s poignant music greatly complements the movie?s motifs immensely adding to the beauty and power of the movie. ?? Overall, Quiemada serves to be a great specimen of filmmaking contributed by a great mix of direction, acting, screenplay, music, and cinematography. ?Pontecorvo triumphs in his great attempt to mock and mourn the plight of the oppressed indigenes during the colonial era while simultaneously presenting a great parallel to highlight the global crises post World War-II. Quiemada may not serve to be the ideal sort of a cinematic experience for an average viewer, but it surely caters well to the needs of a thinking viewer who is not averse to getting out of his/her comfort zone in order to savor intelligent cinema.?

Note: In order to experience Brando's Sir William Walker in all his glory, please stick to the English version only, for the Italian version reportedly suffers from a severe inconsistency of dialogue. Readers, please do share your opinion by leaving your comments in the comment box. We appreciate your feedback very highly!??

For more information on the title, please click on the following links:

A Scene From Queimada aka Burnt! (1969)

Source: http://www.apotpourriofvestiges.com/2012/07/quiemada-1969-political-satire-by-italian-filmmaker-gillo-pontecorvo-featuring-marlon-brando.html

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Samsung?s Galaxy conquers the world

Source: http://www.standard.co.uk/business/business-news/samsungs-galaxy-conquers-the-world-7981858.html

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PFT: Texans' Johnson leaves practice with groin injury

BET's Rip The Runway 2012 - ArrivalsGetty Images

Bryant McKinnie?s back in Baltimore, with an apparently bad back.

McKinnie told Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times he?s been missing from Ravens camp because he slipped and fell outside his South Florida home and twisted his lower back.

?I had an accident. I?m over it. I?m here to play football,? McKinnie said.

McKinnie?s been MIA since camp opened and was placed on the reserve/did not report list, incurring fines of $30,000 per day.

?Of course, I?m glad to be back,? McKinnie said. ?I?m kind of disappointed, though. ?I?ve been training hard, I?ve been boxing and doing all this stuff. To have a setback like this is disappointing.

?Why isn?t anybody saying I got hurt? I don?t know what people thought was going on. How I got hurt is running out of the house. It was slippery and I fell and hurt my lower back. You can?t be playing football when your back is hurting. When I fell, I said, ?I know I ain?t going out like this.??

McKinnie?s bewilderment at anyone wondering where he was ignores one significant point: With him, it?s always something.

The Vikings ran him off for being overweight, and he?s worked to get that under control with the Ravens. But they?ve moved Michael Oher to left tackle for the moment, and may be inclined to leave him there, if McKinnie can?t get on the field and do something.

Source: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/07/29/andre-johnson-leaves-practice-with-groin-injury/related/

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Enhance Your ghd straighteners Self Improvement Using This Advice

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Edited by: Greg Crowley MO, Marc Brandon, San Diego, Rick Lee Cycling Coach for: murrayblumenschein11
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Word Count Netpardon: Greg Crowley MO, 556
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 Time: 10:22 PM

Aron Clymer, Daryl Bujak, Bruce Scheller,Israel Grossman, Rick Lee Cycling Coach. Netpardon. Scott T Hornung Wilmington Family Dental. Greg Crowley MO.

Personal development ranges from changes you intend to make with your expert existence to changes you would like to make at your residence cheap ghd straghteners existence. No matter which element of you existence you would like to focus on, transforming 1 nearly always overlaps in to the other. This post offers you some actionable recommendations that you can use in your self improvement quest.

Identify your problems and take them. Everybody has problems. It is very important identify the defects which are your own. Acknowledge your largest, most glaring defects. You should even spend some time to identify the small versions. Work to cure any imperfections that could be adjusted and simply acknowledge the ones that could not.

Maintain studying personal development assets to identify new concepts, maintain concentrate and obtain inspiration. There are tons of textbooks, tapes and videos out there to help you in reaching your targets. If you make a practice of examining these solutions you are able to pick-up new guidelines to create cheap ghd straghteners your very own growth schedule more lucrative.

Be accurate for your personal, and be the greatest "you" possible. Tell the truth about what you must be fulfilled and pleased, and deny those things that do not take accurate delight into your life. Be the better "you" that treats your self with admiration, enjoy and compassionate. In the event that model of you fails to nevertheless are present, work on getting and building it.

In relation to personal development ensure that you stand up for what you believe in but you do not inflict harm on yourself or other people at the same time. It is very important not as well superior or powerful since you are unable to guide if others are frightened of you.

Faith might help some people. Possibly the faith you have been elevated ghds in is just not for you when you look at on your own an atheist. Certain people see faith as a means of discovering their place in the world, and some people view it as a way to enhance their daily life by adopting a definite vision.

An excellent personal development idea is to acknowledge and admit to oneself that there is a big gap involving where by your life is currently and that you want it to be. Unless you acknowledge and understand your existing situation, you will have absolutely no way of altering and boosting your life.

Reveal your knowledge with other individuals. Don't hold back details that ghds other folks are able to use to improve their lifestyles. Be selfless with details and allow these around you to thrive right along with you. When you demonstrate others that you are prepared to share whatever you know, they will reciprocate by expressing the things they know along with you, and everyone may benefit.

As stated at the beginning of this short article, self improvement operates the gamut of behaviors and actions you wish to alter. If you are developing your interaction capabilities at home and operate or focusing on cheap ghd straghteners personal time management to provide you with a better job lifestyle stability, use the information presented on this page to make the quest for improvement less difficult. Featured Sponsors

Aron Clymer, Daryl Bujak,Rick Lee Cycling Coach. Scott T Hornung Wilmington Family Dental. Bruce Allen Scheller,Israel Grossman. Netpardon. Greg Crowley MO. Edited for:

Years on from revolutionising ghd Straighteners using the release of the to begin with styler, ghd Sale UK remains in keeping with the founding ethos: the actual heart of renoncement.

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Tips About How To Handle Lower Back Pain ? Guru Article Directory

As challenging as it can be for you to experience, lower back pain has developed into a very common condition for folks of any age. Even though the brings about may vary, everyone having back pain has one common objective? to remove it. This information is going to give you tips to help you overcome your lower back pain.

Great stress and fast-paced living can easily cause the two extreme and persistent back pain. As well, it is essential to alleviate stress and be familiar with diverse setting and practices, particularly if have been suffering from back problems. Although life techniques fast and intellectual pressure is barely inescapable, it is important to pay attention to methods to enhance your life-style.

If you appreciate to utilize high heel shoes but expertise back pain, the answer is simple go ahead and take shoes off of and go along with normal footwear. Sitting on your foot is definitely an unnatural healthy posture for your spine. Over time, this may damage not merely your muscle mass but the discs within your back again. Help save our prime high heels for very special situations.

Before you start to physical exercise or do any other type of physical exercise, it is wise to warm up to avoid muscles pulls and pains. Even when you?re only getting a gentle run or even a stroll throughout the prevent, a muscle cramp with your lower back can cause excruciating discomfort that can not shortly subside.

When your career demands resting at a workdesk a lot, it?s extremely important to maneuver in order to avoid back strain. Consider modest outings to do issues whenever you can, or just wake up and extend. Try out to move around each 30 minutes or more and also hardwearing . rear pleased.

Orthopedic seat soft cushions and mattress handles can work wonders on back pain! Even the best chairs and bed mattresses usually are not custom-built to support your whole body so use a specifically manufactured cushion for the beloved couch as well as a trusted name in orthopedic bed includes to ease your back problems in the fast and simple way!

Maintain your body weight manageable. Excessive weight gain can set tension lying on your back muscle tissues and make them do far more work. Get that extra weight away from by beginning an exercise routine and also eating a healthy diet plan. Obtaining your bodyweight into a controllable dimensions is capable of doing amazing things to your back problems.

Since you now completely recognize what kinds of actions you can take to alleviate your discomfort, start the process of curing your back. Start off pampering your back again now, and continue to achieve this later on in order to avoid the intolerable ache that rear accidents are usually responsible for.

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How to Generate Cash from Flipping Domains | So Ask Me

Web entrepreneurs realize that they stand a better chance for financial freedom should they have multiple options for income being released. It can be that is why that many web marketers are developing multiple projects simultaneously. Investing domains is an excellent online income generating tactic, alongside internet affiliate marketing and product creation. This product, known as domain ?flipping?, can be quite lucrative if done properly. To raise your profitability from selling domains, here are a few suggestions that may help you out.

Beef up your negotiation skills. An important element of in business is learning to negotiate. Buyers will always attempt to acquire more for the similar price or ask you to lower your prices. You?ll find flippers who?ll refuse point blank to barter. Even though this might be a legitimate position, we still think you should enhance your bargaining skills. You will notice that customers will trust you more in the event you negotiate or simply just accept to do so and for that reason the chances of you building a sale less complicated higher. You never know, you may be capable of expand your sale with those negotiation skills!

Consider not selling your domains. Did you ever consider the looked at keeping your website names for a time? Domains are kind of like wine; the more they?re beyond circulation, the more valuable they become. If you attached the url of your website to your website that gets advertising revenue, they?re going to have a greater portion of a value. The longer you possess on to your url of your website the better your value will probably be.

Always provide you with the top in customer satisfaction. There exists more to building a business that flips domain names than only purchasing a few names after which supplying them on auction sites. Contact those who purchase domains from you. Find out what they utilized what they are called for. You?ll would like to learn wherever possible about your visitors and customers. By doing this you?ll have an internal list of people to market your future website names along with other products to. Be sure your visitors are completely pleased with every website they?ve purchased. Find out if there exists anything else you can do at their store. Great customer support is important for developing a business that?s successful.

Domain name flipping can be a perfectly legitimate business model. This kind of business has created lots of money for several web entrepreneurs. Absolutely not all businesses that flip websites is the same. How much cash you are in position to make is directly proportional towards the timeframe you spend expanding your company.

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Choosing Juicer Made Easy

It is always better to do some research before making a buying decision. There are so many brands each having many models with different features. You should choose a juicer that meet all your needs.

In this article I will tell you things or factors you need to consider before making a purchasing decision. So lets get started....

Ease Of Use & Cleaning: This may not seem like a big one, but trust me, it is! If your juicer is not easy to use and clean-up after use, over time, you will find yourself using it less and less. It is always better to choose a easy to clean juicer,Its better if all the parts are dishwasher safe. So make sure that juicer is to clean,assemble and disassemble.

Nutrients rich juice: Fast juice aka centrifugal juicers causes oxidation. This is bad. It is ok If you drink juice right after making it. There is only a problem if you let the juice sit for a few hours before consuming it. Hence it is better if you opt for a slow juicer aka masticating juicer. No heat build up occurs in masticating type of juicers. Fast juicers produce heat and burn the essential nutrients and enzymes.

Yield: Make sure that your juicer has a yield of at least 40 percent. This is big factor. If you don't check up on this, you will end up wasting a lot of glasses of juice. The juice will remain in the pulp that is produced and it will be a waste.

Warranty: Juicers> warranty varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also type of warranty fromm manufacturer to manufacturer. Some gives limited hardware warranty, some gives complete cover.

Spare Parts: Make sure that the company from which you are buying the juicer has a clear policy on replacing parts that may ware out. Juicers have many parts such as gears etc. that move at a very high speed. There is a huge possibility of wear and damage of the parts. You should clearly read company replacement policies in manual.

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If you email us or use our problem submission form, we CANNOT guarantee we'll receive your notice!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

LinkedIn Follower Statistics Lets You Know Who's Following Your ...

  • Hireology?s Integration With Indeed Gives Businesses Huge Exposure to Their Job Postings

    Hireology?s Integration With Indeed Gives Businesses Huge Exposure to Their Job Postings

    Not sure how we missed this announcement in late May, but apparently Hireology announced an integration with Indeed. That?s HUGE. We originally mentioned their integration with CareerBuilder, which is great, but who knows how effective job boards like that and Monster are now-a-days for sourcing...

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  • inDinero Ends Free Pricing and Will Delete All Transactional Data for Non-Paying Users

    inDinero Ends Free Pricing and Will Delete All Transactional Data for Non-Paying Users

    InDinero, the financial dashboard for small businesses, will end free pricing and delete all transactional data for non-paying users. The Silicon Valley-based tech startup, founded by Jessica Mah and Andy Su, gives small business?owners insight into their day-to-day cash flow, transaction history,...

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  • Hiring Platform Hireology Announces Integration With Job Site CareerBuilder

    Hiring Platform Hireology Announces Integration With Job Site CareerBuilder

    It was just last week that we wrote about Hireology?s new feature where small businesses can?order job candidate background checks on Hireology. Looks like they?re pumping out product updates fast ahead of Chicago?s TechWeek conference! (I?ll be there writing about small business...

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  • Businesses Can Now Order Job Candidate Background Checks on Hireology

    Businesses Can Now Order Job Candidate Background Checks on Hireology

    Small businesses can now order job candidate background checks on Hireology. Hireology helps small businesses ?make better hiring decisions? with an all-in-one hiring platform to?list jobs, accept resumes, create customized interview guides and rank potential job candidates. The?Chicago-based?web-based...

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  • You Can Now Attach Expense Receipts as PDFs to Your FreshBooks Invoices

    You Can Now Attach Expense Receipts as PDFs to Your FreshBooks Invoices

    FreshBooks, the online invoicing software for small businesses, has introduced a new feature that will make many frustrated business professionals jump for joy. You can now attach expense receipts as PDFs to your FreshBooks invoices. ?This might not seem like that big of a deal, until you realize...

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  • Social CRM App Nimble Now Available as a Google Chrome Extension

    Social CRM App Nimble Now Available as a Google Chrome Extension

    Nimble, the Santa Monica, California-based Social CRM app, is now available as a Google Chrome Extension in the?Google Chrome Web Store. Nimble is a web-based social CRM (customer relationship management) app that lets small businesses manage their contacts, calendars, communications and social conversations...

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  • The Most Ridiculously Easy-to-Use Billing and Invoicing App on the Web

    The Most Ridiculously Easy-to-Use Billing and Invoicing App on the Web

    I was browsing?Sarah?s FAVES?and stumbled upon?Billable, quite simply the?most ridiculously easy-to-use small business billing and invoicing app on the web. Created by South Africa?s?Peter Pistorius and Barbara Cilliers of Appfactory, Billable?s motto is?Billing Made Simple. Period....

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  • HR/Recruiting Platform Hireology Releases Several New Features Including Candidate Assessments

    HR/Recruiting Platform Hireology Releases Several New Features Including Candidate Assessments

    Hireology, the Chicago-based?high-powered HR/recruiting platform, released several new features recently including candidate assessments, customized email templates, non-numeric input for job compensation and an overhauled reference check guide. Whether a sales test, administrative skills test, legal...

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  • LinkedIn Relaunches CardMunch, the iPhone App That Will End the Use of Business Cards

    LinkedIn Relaunches CardMunch, the iPhone App That Will End the Use of Business Cards

    Although I was excited to get my first batch of Firmology business cards (free from Moo!), I dislike carrying them around and dislike collecting business cards from people I meet. ?The cards just end up as wasted paper in scattered piles at the office, at home, in my laptop bag or straight in the trash. As...

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  • How Your Small Business Can Mail and Ship Like a Heavyweight

    How Your Small Business Can Mail and Ship Like a Heavyweight

    Editor?s Note: This guest post is by Shayna Burns and the team at?Pitneyworks.com, the official site for Pitney Bowes small business?postage machines, mailing systems, PC postage and other postal equipment. You may be running your business like a champ, but are you missing out on small wins,...

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  • 37signals Launches LinkedIn Profiles in Highrise

    37signals Launches LinkedIn Profiles in Highrise

    37signals, the Chicago-based small business web application company, has launched LinkedIn profiles in Highrise, its web-based contact manager or customer relationship management (CRM) software. The new feature let?s users see the LinkedIn profile of a contact by adding their LinkedIn profile URL...

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  • Hireology Releases Two New Features: Interview Editing & Hospitality Job Industry Options

    Hireology Releases Two New Features: Interview Editing & Hospitality Job Industry Options

    Hireology, the Chicago-based?high-powered HR/recruiting platform, released two new features yesterday: interview editing and hospitality job industry options. Hospitality job family, as they officially call it, is a preloaded database of information for the hospitality industry. ?If your small...

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  • inDinero Users Can Now Track Their Receipts [BONUS: Win a $300 AmEx Gift Card]

    inDinero Users Can Now Track Their Receipts [BONUS: Win a $300 AmEx Gift Card]

    InDinero, the easy-to-use financial dashboard for small businesses, has announced that users can now upload and track their receipts on inDinero. The Silicon Valley-based tech startup is essentially the Mint.com for small business. ?Small business owners can gain an understanding of the vital signs...

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  • FeeFighters Launches Samurai, Online Payment Gateway for Credit Card Processing

    FeeFighters Launches Samurai, Online Payment Gateway for Credit Card Processing

    FeeFighters, the Chicago-based comparison shopping site for credit card processing, recently launched a new payment gateway option for online merchants called Samurai,?joining other tech companies like Braintree in cleaning up the notoriously unscrupulous payments industry. FeeFighters has been...

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  • Hireology Officially Launches New Pricing Plans

    Hireology Officially Launches New Pricing Plans

    Hireology, the?high-powered HR/recruiting platform based in Chicago, officially released their new pricing plans on their product blog on Tuesday. ?We reported last week that Hireology sent a head?s up email to its free beta customer program users that the program was ending on September...

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  • HR/Recruiting Platform Hireology Ends Beta Customer Program and Unveils Pricing Model

    HR/Recruiting Platform Hireology Ends Beta Customer Program and Unveils Pricing Model

    Hireology, the high-powered HR/recruiting platform based in Chicago, announced that it is ending its free beta customer program on September 21st and unveiled its pricing model going forward. ?In an email today, the service thanked its users for making the beta program a huge success, and after...

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  • LawPivot is the Q&A Site for Your Small Business Legal Questions

    LawPivot is the Q&A Site for Your Small Business Legal Questions

    I attended Chicago?s TechWeek conference recently and met the team behind LawPivot, a Silicon Valley based startup founded by Jay Mandal, the former lead mergers and acquisitions lawyer for Apple. ?LawPivot is essentially the Quora of legal advice or for those not as familiar with the tech scene,...

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  • Hireology Makes Small Business Hiring Easy with High-Powered HR/Recruiting Platform

    Hireology Makes Small Business Hiring Easy with High-Powered HR/Recruiting Platform

    Some business owners think they are a good judge of a job candidate?s skill set, work ethic and culture fit. Unfortunately, most of us are horrible at it. While big corporations spend millions of dollars on building out their HR department, recruiting commissions, standardized hiring templates...

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  • Braintree Simplifies Credit Card Payment Processing for Small Business

    Braintree Simplifies Credit Card Payment Processing for Small Business

    One of the most frustrating and confusing steps of launching a business is navigating the treacherous waters of the online payments industry. ?The industry is notorious for high pressure sales tactics, sky-high merchant fees, confusing terms and ironclad contracts. ?I experienced this firsthand when...

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  • inDinero Provides a Simple Way For Small Businesses to Track Their Finances

    inDinero Provides a Simple Way For Small Businesses to Track Their Finances

    Ever since Mint.com launched a simple and intuitive site for individuals to track their personal finances, many small business owners have been looking for a similar service or tool to track their finances. ?While there are plenty of finance tools available on the market, most mom and pop businesses...

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  • Can?t Afford Traditional PR For Your Small Business? Try a Little Bitesize PR.

    Can?t Afford Traditional PR For Your Small Business? Try a Little Bitesize PR.

    What small business owner wouldn?t love to have their business mentioned in a newspaper, magazine or online news article?? The problem for most small businesses is that they either can?t afford, or refuse to budget for, a traditional PR firm that will cost them thousands of dollars in monthly...

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  • Source: http://www.firmology.com/2012/07/26/linkedin-follower-statistics-lets-you-know-whos-following-your-company-page/

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    Buy Facebook Fans and Improve your Business Sales

    This article has been viewed 17 times.

    Let us accept the facts, nowadays many people are hooked with Facebook, no matter what age. Kids, teens, youths, adults, even older folks too use it.

    The type of Facebook is quite different from other traditional social network sites. Facebook allows business owners to make their business page and advertise generally there.

    But the basic question is ? why are men and women looking for more and more Facebook ?Likes? as well as fans for their websites? The solution for this is that the number of Facebook represents the popularity of the product/service as well as the company too.

    It is sad however true, that lots of people are stuck in Facebook for the whole day. Not only that, there are several companies supplying hiring people to maintain his or her Facebook profile, and their specialists continuously promote their products along with services, as well as developing games and programs for their Facebook pages.

    Nonetheless, the entire thing will be worthless unless your organization page have visitors. As a startup company in Facebook, it is very difficult to gather targeted visitors. For that reason is that web development and social media management organizations offer their services. Some examples of those companies are: Buy facebook Fans, purchase guaranteed Facebook, get fans, improve Facebook page pans, need more Facebook fans, get guaranteed fans, and others.

    Increase the Popularity of Your company

    By buying Facebook, you attract more visitors to your business webpages. More visitors increase your website/Facebook internet pages popularity. So, if you are serious about your business, you should considering buying fans to increase your own popularity and get more clients.

    Monetising ?Likes?

    Millions of people utilize internet for educational purposes. If your site falls into the ?information? category, you can generate some revenue from a Facebook ?likes?. Your Facebook ?likes? bring just fresh and targeted visitors towards your website. If you work with PPC (Pay per Click) advertising and marketing or contextual advertising inside your website, your Facebook ?likes? provide you with an excellent opportunity to create more revenue.

    Regarding People into Your Company

    If you have an online retailer and you intend to market product on internet, it is essential for you to know your clients feedback to improve your merchandise and quality program. To do so, you need the customers? involvement. Nowadays forums and weblogs are not enough to gather all your customers suggestions, but you can use a new Facebook fan page to get owner?s experience and more prospective customers based on your good feedback.

    For more information about Buy facebook Likes visit our website.

    Source: http://www.article-i.com/computers/accessories/buy-facebook-fans-and-improve-your-business-sales/

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    Personal Finance Tips That Will Truly Work | Kiwi Discount Club Ltd

    Given the current economic situation, many are suffering. Although riches may be beyond reach, there are actions to use, to organize your resources so that you will live in comfort. You can get great information from the article below.

    Watch the Forex forums to identify new trends. Stay informed so you are always ready to sell high after buying low. Don?t sell on a downswing or an upswing ever. Be clear in what you want when you are not going all the way through a trend.

    Flexible Spending Accounts

    Flexible spending accounts can be used for a variety of expenses. Flexible spending accounts can help reduce your medical or childcare expenses. These types of accounts are designed so that you may save a set amount of money before taxes to pay for future incurred costs. There are rules to set one up; a tax professional can help.

    If your spouse has a great credit score, use this to your advantage. If you need to improve your credit score, get a credit card you can afford to pay off monthly. After your credit is improved, it will be possible to apply for joint credit.

    TIP! Think carefully about your feelings toward money. You are not going to be able to improve your overall personal financial situation until you understand different choices you?ve made about money.

    When planning a budget, consider opening multiple checking accounts. Manage your expenses by having an account designated for your regular monthly expenses, and a separate one for any additional expenses that might arise. You will be able to keep better track of where your money is going, and be sure that you have enough to cover the expenses.

    Thrift Store

    Thrift store shopping is no longer just for those with low incomes. save money while finding items you like, including furniture or books at a thrift store near you. There is a lot of interesting items for children too and it makes it fun for them to go shopping there. Shopping during the early part of the day will provide the most choices.

    TIP! Never spend as much as you make. Consumers who spend all or more money than they make tend to borrow to get the money back.

    A formal education can go a long way. It is no big surprise that those who have earned a Bachelor?s degree earn nearly twice as much money as those without a formal education. Throughout your entire adult life, your degree can more than double your total wealth and earn a significant return on your investment in tuition.

    Try to choose a broker that you can fully trust. Check their references and get a feel if they are being honest with you. You will only be respected as much as you prove you should be.

    If you are handy with a hammer and screw driver, it is not always necessary to hire a professional for some home improvement jobs. You can sit in on a class at a home improvement store or check out online tutorials that give you a step-by-step breakdown.

    TIP! Try to arrange it so that your debit card automatically pays off your credit card at the end of the month. This will make sure the bill gets paid even if you forget.

    Save on Christmas gifts by making presents instead of spending money. Expenses linked to holidays can quickly accumulate and are not necessary to you having a good time. Creativity can enable you to reduce your expenses and it can also increase your net worth.

    Remember that every penny you earn or spend should be included in your monthly budget. Single dollars add up pretty fast and are hardly missed with this saving method.

    Avoid fees by only using your own bank?s ATMs. While your cards may work just fine in ATMs that belong to other institutions, they will not hesitate to add finance charges to every transaction you make. These can add up to a significant amount of wasted money.

    TIP! Always start saving your money quickly, so you can manage finances more effectively. Saving needs to be a priority, not something you keep delaying.

    When budgeting, be sure to allot a bit of cash for pocket money. It?s important to have a little spending money for unexpected, spur of the moment purchases. This cash allowance is perfect for little unneeded purchases. This is a good way to avoid overspending on items you do not really need while staying happy.

    You could still live quite comfortably without being considered as rich. Sometimes, all you need is the desire to live your life in a financially responsible way

    The Kiwi Clubs mission is to save our members thousands of dollars per year by negotiating with the companies who supply most of our day to day goods and services.

    Join Kiwi Discount Club and save on a range of products and services. Click here Kiwi Discount Club to become a member. Membership is free.

    Technorati Tags: credit score, flexible spending accounts, formal education, spending money, thrift store

    Source: http://www.kiwidiscountclub.co.nz/about-personal-finance/personal-finance-tips-that-will-truly-work

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    Rude surprise: French fed up with own incivility

    This on Sept. 21, 2011 photo provided by Paris subway operator RATP, shows a campaign poster in a Paris subway station. France, a country famed for its arrogant waiters and proud taxi drivers, is finally getting fed up with rudeness. Polling trends show that impoliteness is now topping lists on causes of stress for the French, who lament that people don't say "thank you" anymore. Paris public transport is weighing in, with a summer-long publicity campaign poking fun at gallic incivility. Poster reads: 'Shoving 5 people out of the way, will not make you go any quicker.' (AP Photo/Bruno Marguerite, RATP)

    This on Sept. 21, 2011 photo provided by Paris subway operator RATP, shows a campaign poster in a Paris subway station. France, a country famed for its arrogant waiters and proud taxi drivers, is finally getting fed up with rudeness. Polling trends show that impoliteness is now topping lists on causes of stress for the French, who lament that people don't say "thank you" anymore. Paris public transport is weighing in, with a summer-long publicity campaign poking fun at gallic incivility. Poster reads: 'Shoving 5 people out of the way, will not make you go any quicker.' (AP Photo/Bruno Marguerite, RATP)

    (AP) ? It's a July evening on the terrace of the legendary Cafe Flore. A coiffed woman sips chilled wine, another savors her chocolate eclair.

    The one thing to complete a perfect picture of Parisian life? A dash of French rudeness.

    It comes from the waiter, who snootily turns away a group of tourists: "There's no point waiting," he shrugs, even though there are many empty tables. "No space outside."

    Such rituals of rudeness have long been accepted by visitors as part of the price of enjoying such a beautiful city as Paris. But it seems the French themselves, who over centuries have turned rudeness into an art form, have become fed up with their own incivility, according to recent polls and publicity campaigns.

    There's a fabled history of French rudeness from Napoleon, who called the English a "nation of shopkeepers," to former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who infamously snarled at a voter: "Get lost, poor jerk."

    Now, bad manners and aggressive behavior top the list of causes of stress for the French, even higher than unemployment or the debt crisis, says pollster IPSOS. A total of 60 percent cited rudeness as their number one source of stress in a survey last year on social trends.

    "We're so rude," admits 34-year-old French teacher Stephane Gomez, as he comes out of a Paris metro station. "France lacks the civic sense that you find in Anglo-Saxon countries."

    "It's so easy to be polite, but we don't do it," says 30-year-old Zahia Sebahi. "I never see someone give up their seat for an elderly person."

    But Paris's public transport authority is leading the fight-back in a summer-long publicity campaign against rudeness.

    Billboards depicting Frenchmen with animal heads have dominated metro stations; they target passengers who are rude to staff and push and shove. "If you shove five people getting onboard," the posters say, "it won't make us set off faster." Bus ads read: "One bonjour doesn't cost a penny, and it changes your day."

    Transport officials say they've tried to keep a light touch on a serious matter.

    "We used humor to not be moralistic," says Isabelle Ockrent, RATP communications director. "But we've been alerted by our staff that there is a real problem."

    Public transport staff even held "rudeness forums" over three days in late June in 20 metro stations, in which they exchanged views on correct etiquette with passengers.

    Among other things, people were asked what they thought the root causes were for pushing and shoving: Lack of time? Unhappiness? Many Parisians attribute the decreasing tolerance to rudeness to the fast-pace of the Internet age, with i-Pods on the metro and mobile phone noise in public spaces.

    "It might seem obvious, but when stressed for work, Parisians forget 'hello' or 'thank you' when asking for a ticket," says Ockrent.

    Parisians, it seems, may be pleased to be going back to finishing school.

    Passengers regularly gawk at the ads, which have stretched from ceiling to floor inside some metro stations, and the RATP say the campaign has gotten near universal positive feedback on it.

    The results of this year's IPSOS trend research won't be published until fall. But the agency can already reveal that the backlash against rudeness is rising.

    "In 2012, one thing is clear; the French are irritated and want a return to good manners. They've had enough of rudeness ... reached a limit," says Lise Brunet, IPSOS's director of trend studies.

    "The acceleration of life with cells phones means that people have even less time to follow the rules of politeness," adds Brunet. "Today, it's even more of a concern than the economic crisis. People just want to hear 'Thank you.'"

    In France, the world's most visited country, rudeness is also a concern for tourism companies ? especially as France feels the bite of the financial crisis.

    Atout France, the country's tourism development agency launched a summer campaign in regions where tourism is suffering to promote service quality.

    "We're very aware of the problem making tourists feel welcome," says Fanny Moutel, communications director for Atout France, the country's tourism development agency. "We've noticed that there are fewer English visiting places like Brittany and Normandy and the Loire, so the campaign aims to improve the way tourists are treated."

    Where English-speaking tourists were once greeted with raised eyebrows and a Gallic shrug, more and more French in the service industry speak English.

    That's just one of the many ways in which France is changing.

    Earlier this week on a high-speed train, there were puzzled smiles from passengers after a decidedly un-French loudspeaker address:

    "Hello, welcome, please greet your neighbor, and may you adopt a zen attitude."


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    Associated Press

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