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Eddie Cue, Apple's newly appointed head of everything services, gets profiled

Eddie Cue profiled

Eddie Cue, Apple?s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, is now really, truly in change of everything data and ecommerce driven at Apple, thanks to the recent management shakeups. That includes Siri and iOS 6 Maps, both of which have received negative feedback during their respective launches. And that's in addition to his continuing role as head of the iTunes, iCloud, and App Stores. Enter CNET, just-in-time profile.

CNET? focused on the 23-year Apple veteran?s role at the company, one of negotiator. Cue has facilitated deals with record labels and movie studios, and keeps the peace with various partners, including preventing a meltdown in the relationship between Apple and the record labels in 2007. He is known for his cool disposition and being level-headed, which helped him get along with Steve Jobs.

But despite the fact that he is known primarily for negotiation with media companies, Cue has held a great deal of responsibility for the technical side of Apple?s business, as CNET?s Greg Sandoval reports:

Cue started in Apple's IT department when he joined Apple in 1989 and quickly moved up to overseeing areas in the software engineering and customer service units. In 1998, he helped build Apple's online store.

On April 28, 2003, Cue was at the helm when the iTunes Music Store (now just called the iTunes Store) launched. The dazzling success of the Web retail outlet is Silicon Valley lore now. A little over a year after launch iTunes had sold 100 million songs. Three years later, the site had sold 1 billion songs. As of this September, more than 20 billion songs had been sold at iTunes.

Cue was given MobileMe after its much-maligned launch in 2008. Three years later, MobileMe turned into iCloud, which Apple says now boasts 150 million users. With Maps and Siri now under his purview, Cue now directly controls all major aspects of Apple?s internet presence. After the mixed reception of Maps, Apple is now counting on Cue to lead the charge in spotting issues and correcting them as soon as possible. Given that he was able to take the wreckage of MobileMe and turn it into something that just works for many of Apple?s customers, Cue seems to be the right choice to fix Apple?s Map problems. Given the nature of both Maps and Siri, we should know for sure sooner rather than later.

Source: CNET


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Gorgeous Health Effects Associated Krill Oil

Although flax seeds contain lignans, a meaningful class of phytoestrogens considered to has antioxidant and cancer-preventing properties, the extracted linseed oil doesn't not contain generally lignans found flax seed, and simply therefore does n't have the matching antioxidant properties. In fact, flax seed oil is easily oxidized, coupled with rapidly becomes rancid with an get rid of odor unless chilled. Even when kept under fabulous conditions it maintains a shelf our life of only a meaningful few weeks. Oil with each unpleasant or rancid odour should wind up as discarded. Rancid oils contribute to the formation for free radicals in addition may be carcinogenic. Oxidation created by flax seed engine oil is major expert concern, and anti-oxidants may be generated to prevent rancidification.

0% of our immunological system is constructed around the digestive system system so this task is no amazement that all within these symptoms then illnesses can exist traced back you can a common root cause of Leaky Stomach Syndrome.

krill oil

This very good possibility to know that an anti aging product is best or not is to check out assessments regarding it. This is that this great way to learn regarding the entire products. During order to create the product trade in marketers will state you many features but prior to positively going for this particular checking out reviews can be a good choice.

My process separates released the toxins like arsenic and mercury from the herbal oils and enriches the problem further in rr 3 fats. Check the label or website in order to check this important process has been done or anyone may unwittingly take in these harmful unhealthy toxins.

Need to is nordic naturals epa,krill oil megared considerably easier to absorb as opposed to fish oil? The omega 3 fatty acids in krill oil will be bound together within just a phospholipid series instead of the less beneficial triglyceride form found back fish oil. It so turns out that the fats in the skin cells of the a person's body are at the same time in the online form of phospholipids. These phospholipids should be the building streets of cell membranes and they keep your cells from free radical trouble. The special relationship between phospholipids and omega-3 greasy acids in krill enables antioxidants to positively get through your very own intestinal walls into your regions.

Due to media buzzing terribly much on importance of omega3 fatty acids for nutritional life, various pills like fish oil, krill oil currently have become the property names. However, are there nearly every side effects of krill oil and fish oil? If yes, by what method can they be avoided? Look for on to find out.

omega 3 oils are good at people of type of age. Present are no frequently known side effects, and consequently a whole big amount of benefits when you need to be derived. They can honestly help prevent Attention deficit in kids and so make their memory sharper and alert.

Antioxidant Complex: Taking a major high quality detox busting ensures that you are getting sufficient vitamins and compound for healthy hold and hormonal combination. Vitamins B12 and folic p are commonly poor in women and as well can lead on blood imbalances away from the perspective with regards to Chinese medicine.

In cases where you would as to get this particular pure type out of this oil then you should you really must to get contact having a qualified knowledgeable within the market. Now, let's take a look at about some extremely important factors regarding krill oil. Your should undergo which the points provided under meticulously.

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Vocabulary Development for Workplace Communications ...

The Read.Write.Act 2012 Virtual Conference? convenes this Thursday and Friday, November 1-2, 2012. ? The conference theme is: LITERACY AS A NATIONAL PRIORITY.

I will be presenting on the topic:? Vocabulary Development for Workplace Communications? on Friday at 1pm EST.

Why Develop Vocabulary?? Vocabulary is fundamental to every other literacy skill and for most communication skills. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers the Job Outlook 2012 report, employers want employees who can communicate.? Here?s how communication skills rated based on a five-point scale:

In my presentation I will discuss how we as? educators and literacy advocates can provide learning opportunities that are relevant for today?s workforce, engaging and appropriate for our population of learners, and that has enough breadth and depth to prepare them to meet their employer?s needs.

The registration fee? for both days is only $25. I encourage you to register, as the wealth of information you?ll receive is well worth the money.? Click here to see the full conference schedule.

I see a countless numbers of students complete vocational training programs in health care, accounting, computer applications, and more who ? despite their high scores on these technical skills ? cannot obtain and/or maintain employment because they?re unable to communicate with employers, co-workers and customers. For some, the employers gives them a try, just to see how it goes; but it?s not long before they?re let go.? We cannot neglect the importance of this skill as a core, foundational employment skill.

I hope you?ll join us for this workshop and conference.? Please check it out.

Michelle Walker-Wade
Workplace Literacy &
Career Strategy


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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Steve Honig, Lindsay Lohan Publicist, Quits


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Highly Result Oriented Zend Development Services Offered

Aqui ads

To get an exceptional as well as money-spinning online business solution, development solution for Zend is offered with innumerable preferences for the users. The Zend programmer services enable the highly qualified developers to hold out most skilled resources to the client in any clients? project. With the help of Zend Programming, they can contribute a huge number of professionals to execute ground-breaking solutions for all the clients alike. A Zend developer is also adroit in providing services like configuring, upgrading, managing, and running Zend based shopping cart. With a range of services like Zend Customization, Installation and Configuration, Custom Design Template Integration, Payment Gateway Integration, Shipping Integration, Redesign, Maintenance and Migration, Custom Module Development, Existing system support and maintenance, SEO Zend solutions, et al; the Zend Development team knows how to harness the technologies available.

In today?s ready for action business world, online shopping cart is a requisite for every business. For any web development, it is also a very costly term to employ any professional on a long term basis as it requires infrastructure along with the employment cost. That is the prime reason why for any small or big e-commerce project development, hire professionals is fast becoming an excellent and cost-effective solution. For any Zend Development related requirement, there are so many offers of Zend programmer services these days.

Some of them claim to have a highly qualified and specialist Zend Developer having best knowledge in all the recent web technologies. Such professionals are talented enough to design as well as build up a fully customized, full-bodied, and a powerful shopping cart that is packed with rich features and functionality. The Zend programmer is also capable to develop any SEO friendly online shop which can help the clients getting top rankings in any of the major search engines. This process also adds to sales of the online shop and boost profit margins as well.

Along with an unparalleled Zend development solutions available for ecommerce, shopping cart or any web site portal; the wide range of designs are available too to match with most of the ideas and plans appropriately. The Zend consulting along with development services are very well known with the clients and have a bright future in providing ingenious solutions for any industry?s needs. With the help of powerful team of professionals, one can get all solutions that are needed to make their online business prosper.

A Zend developer also has the ability to create a search engine optimization friendly Zend which can augment any online business reputation. And since Zend is elastic and a comprehensible e-commerce development display place, it is being used a great deal by many developers around the world to make breathtaking bespoke e-commerce web sites within budget.

Alex works for SuwarnaSoft,Feel free to get in touch with our Zend Developer.Our team specializes in Moodle CMS integration, Zend customization, Zend development,Zend integration and etc. We provide the best quality services within the shortest possible time at affordable rates.

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Ford closing 3 European plants, cutting 6,000 jobs

Dirk Waem / AFP - Getty Images

Ford workers comfort each other on Wednesday in front of the main entrance of Ford's Belgian assembly plant in Genk. Ford announced that it would close the Genk plant by the end of 2014. When sub-contractors are included, some 10,500 people depend on Ford Genk for work.

By Paul A. Eisenstein, The Detroit Bureau

Its European losses likely to be significantly worse than originally forecast, Ford will close or sharply cut back operations at three of its European plants as part of a major restructuring meant to cope with the continent?s economic woes and the collapse of the European automotive market.

Ford now expects to lose $1.5 billion in Europe this year, a 50% increase over the already gloomy forecast it made just three months ago.? With sales falling even faster than the overall market, Ford says it will cut capacity in Europe by 18%.

That will include the closure of a truck assembly plant in Southampton, England and a tooling and stamping facility in Dagenham. The maker earlier this week advised union leaders that it would close an assembly plant in Genk, Belgium.

VW Will Build New 7-Seat SUV in US?

?All told, about 1,500 jobs will be lost in the UK ? out of the current British total workforce of 11,500. Along with the closure in Belgium the total jobs lost to the restructuring could come to as much as 6,000, though it is possible the automaker might have to add some new employees at a factory in Valencia, Spain that will take over production of the Ford Mondeo and other models currently assembled in Genk.

?We recognize the impact our actions will have on many employees and their families in Europe, and we will work together with all stakeholders during this necessary transformation of our business,? said Ford?s president and CEO, Alan Mulally.

The former Boeing executive also oversaw a number of production cuts in the U.S. after moving to Detroit six years ago ? just as the U.S. auto industry began to collapse under the weight of a faltering economy and the U.S. Big Three makers began fighting for their survival.

Ford Reveals Face-lifted Fiesta 4-Door

The situation is not much different in Europe right now. With southern nations including Spain, Greece and Italy crushed by sovereign debt problems the entire continent is in retrenchment, car sales plunging even in relatively prosperous Germany.

That has forced PSA Peugeot Citroen to seek a bailout from the French government and lay out plans to close an under-utilized assembly plant. Opel is restructuring, as well, and also plans to close one or more factories.

European automotive analysts generally agree that there are about eight more assembly plants than necessary to meet the continent?s needs ? even accounting for exports. Until recently, however, makers seemed to be locked in a stalemate, no one wanting to make the first cut.

Brazilian Market a Booming Free-for-All

Ford expects the latest moves to reduce capacity in Europe ? excluding Russia ? by 18%, or about 355,000 units. The maker saw its sales tumble nearly 15% last month, even more than the overall market?s 10% decline.

Despite the worsening European losses, Mulally forecast Ford will remain in the black worldwide for 2012 ? and should actually see third-quarter earnings rise a bit over the previous quarter.

The maker expects to shift production of the Transit currently produced in Southampton to a factory in Turkey also building the truck.? It will add production of the Transit in the U.S. next year, as well, to replace the aging American Ford E-Van.

The planned closure of the British operations drew a sharp union rebuke, Len McCluskey, head of the Unite union said the move was handled ?disgracefully,? considering that Ford had recently indicated the plant would get new work. He warned Unite would attempt to block the closures.

More business news:

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Sony PSN hacking lawsuit dismissed by judge

A California district judge has dismissed a handful of charges that plaintiffs brought against Sony, including negligence, restitution, and unjust enrichment in its handling of a PlayStation Network data breach last year.

Several lawsuits were filed against Sony PlayStation Network in the wake of a major security breach of the personal data of more than 75 million customers in April 2011.

On Friday, Judge Anthony Battaglia of the U.S. District Court in Southern California ruled that one of those class action suits is invalid, according to Courthouse News.

When the attack happened in 2011, more than 75 million customer accounts of Sony's PlayStation Network and Qriocity service were exposed in a hack on 10 of the company's servers in San Diego. Later, 25 million customer accounts of Sony Online Entertainment were found to be compromised as well. The information exposed included customer names, e-mail addresses, billing addresses, passwords, phone numbers, genders, and birth dates. Sony maintains that credit card information was not stolen.

The company came under fire almost immediately for not alerting its customers of the breach for several days after it occurred. Then the PSN and Qriocity services were taken offline for almost a month while Sony scrambled to rebuild its security systems and undertook a forensic investigation into the breach.

The class action lawsuit that Battaglia dismissed was filed in June of last year and alleged that Sony "failed to follow basic industry-standard protocols to safeguard its customers' personal and financial information, thereby creating foreseeable harm and injury to the Plaintiff class."

Battaglia ruled, however, that these plaintiffs' motives in going after Sony were unjustified. According to Courthouse News, he said Sony was not in violation of California consumer-protection laws or guilty of bailment charges.

"None of the named plaintiffs subscribed to premium PSN services, and thus received the PSN services free of cost," Battaglia said, according to Courthouse News. "Plaintiffs freely admit, plaintiffs' personal information was stolen as a result of a criminal intrusion of Sony's Network. Plaintiffs do not allege that Sony was in any way involved with the data breach."

Additionally, Battaglia said Sony couldn't be fully responsible for the hack. "There is no such thing as perfect security," he said, according to The Register. "We cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to us."

The plaintiffs now have until November 9 to decide if they want to file an amended complaint.

After the security breach and the several lawsuits filed against Sony, the company added a controversial change to its Terms of Service and User Agreement in September 2011. Under the revised terms, consumers now must waive the right to participate in any class action lawsuit filed after August 20, 2011 against the gaming and content delivery portion of Sony .

CNET contacted Sony PlayStation Network for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information.


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In Death

In Death

You wake up in a new world, A world where everyone is dead. What choices will you make? Will you become a friend? Or a foe? The choice is yours.


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All Roads Should Glow in the Dark (Obviously)

The Dutch design firms Studio Roosegaarde and Hejimans Infrastructure just came up with a brilliant prototype for a "Smart Highway" that uses interactive lighting that adapts to driving conditions to make the roads safer. Enough with crap infotainment systems inside cars that distract us from driving with Twitter and dinner reservations—let's light up the roads like a night club until no one crashes again. More »


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251 Million People Play Facebook Games, Up 11% This Year As It Fights Spam And Genres Diversify

Facebook Games Growth"It used to be about as much spam as you could pump into the system as possible", Facebook's Alex Schultz told reporters today. But Facebook has managed to grow its gaming ecosystem 11% to 251 million users this year by focusing on clean . And developers are building a more diverse set of games. The only problem? Facebook's user count is still growing faster than its gamer count.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Insight: Sewage, "sloppy fits" and a tomb - Goldman's India build

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Review: Mighty iPad Mini looks like a holiday hit |

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) ? Apple's iPad Mini will bring a lot more excitement and a little more confusion to the holiday shopping season.

It only takes a few minutes playing with the iPad Mini to realize the scaled-down tablet computer will be a sure-fire hit with longtime Apple disciples and potential converts who've been looking for a more affordable entree into the mobile computing market.

With a 7.9-inch screen, the iPad Mini is perfectly sized to be stuffed in Christmas stockings. Recipients who will discover the pleasure and convenience of being able to take pictures, surf the Web, watch video, read books and listen to music on an exquisitely designed device that's pancake thin.

As enticing as that all sounds, the iPad Mini also causes a dilemma, albeit a pleasant one.

The new option will make it even more difficult for holiday shoppers to figure out which mobile device to buy for their loved ones ?or for themselves.

I felt the pangs of indecision within a few minutes of picking up the iPad Mini for the first time.

As the company usually does at its product unveilings, Apple Inc. only provided reporters with limited, strictly supervised access to the iPad Mini on Tuesday. That meant I could only experiment with it for about 15 minutes, but as an experienced user of the iPad 2, I could quickly see that the smaller tablet does just about everything its bigger brethren does.

Even though the Mini's screen is 1.8 inches smaller than the standard iPad, the movie "The Avengers" looked lush, even in a side-by-side comparison with the larger tablet. When I pulled up the latest issue of the New Yorker, I didn't have to strain to see the text or pictures on the smaller screen. A quick check of other websites verified that the Mini's screen isn't so tiny that it's going to cause a lot of squinting. After I took a very crisp picture of another reporter testing out a Mini, I decided to email it to her to test how easy it was to use the keyboard on the smaller screen. No problem there. Best of all, the iPad Mini can be held in one hand and is about half the weight of the larger iPad.

The Mini worked so much like my standard iPad that it immediately caused me to have second thoughts about a decision I thought I had already made. I like my iPad 2 a lot, but it's just too big to carry with me wherever I am. But there have been times I really wish I had it with me, like when I spot something that would make a great picture or when I've needed to check something on the Web. For various reasons, I didn't want a smartphone that would require a data plan, so I had my mind set on buying the latest iPod Touch, which has an iPhone-size screen and superb camera.

Now, the iPad Mini has me vacillating. Apple isn't making it easier with its pricing strategy. The latest iPod Touch with 32 gigabytes sells for $299. An iPad Mini with 16 gigabytes of storage sells for $329. I'm tempted.

Like others who will no doubt be weighing the same decision, I'll have to make up my mind. Do I want something that can fit in my one of pant pockets like the Touch? For starters, it comes in more colors than the black-or-white Mini and offers more storage capacity for a cheaper price.

Or do I want to pay a little more for another tablet computer that can slip into a coat pocket and offer a richer experience with a screen nearly two times larger than the new Touch?

The iPad Mini is so mighty that I can't believe the iPad 2 will be on the market too much longer. The iPad 2's $399 price now looks like too much, given that the iPad Mini can do just about everything it does on a slightly smaller screen. The iPad 2 still may have some appeal for people who want a larger tablet at a lower price the newest iPads, but I can't see too many consumers buying Apple's second-generation tablet now that the Mini is available.

Consumers who aren't set on buying one of Apple's devices will have even more choices to make. The iPad Mini is clearly aimed at siphoning sales away from the Nexus 7 tablet that Google Inc. began selling four months ago and the longer-established Kindle Fire from Inc. Figuring out which one is best-suited for you (or that special someone on your shopping list) will likely come down to weighing price against performance.

Amazon is sells a Kindle Fire HD with 16 gigabytes of storage and 7-inch screen for $199 and a similarly sized Nexus 7 goes for $249. That means an iPad Mini will cost $80 to $130 more, a price that Apple believes is justified because it boasts more features, such as front and back cameras. The Mini's reliance on aluminum instead of plastic for its exterior also makes it look more stylish and more enjoyable to hold.

If the speculation on technology blogs pans out, Google might make things even more interesting ? and dizzying for holiday shoppers ? by introducing a $99 version of the Nexus 7 in the coming weeks.


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Looking at how car rental companies can be used | Be Travel Log

October 23rd, 2012 by admin Leave a reply ?

A common perception of rental agencies is that they are for travelers. While this is certainly a common type of customer, there are many reasons to use car rental companies. Knowing the different ways you can use a rental car gives you options when it comes to certain situations.

Portray an image that is professional

If you have an important business meeting and you want to impress a client, you might want to consider a rental if you have to drive the client somewhere. Older cars in poor condition can send the wrong message to prospective clients. For this reason, it is not uncommon for businesses to rent nice cars on a weekly basis to make sure their company is presented in the most favorable light.

Make an good date night impression

While flowers and candy are traditional gifts for dates, nothing says you care as much as picking someone up in a flashy car. You can make a lasting impression by going out of your way to make an evening special. If you are not sure which is the appropriate vehicle to rent, customer service representatives at car rental companies are more than happy to provide a recommendation. Every detail, including transportation, is important when planning a romantic night out on the town.

Going on vacation with your friends and family

A rental car is often required for vacation travel. You may need a larger vehicle because of the number of people accompanying you. Many drivers simply do not want to add a lot of miles to their own vehicles. This is a consideration if your car insurance premiums are based on the number of miles you drive. You can save money by renting a vehicle for long trips.

Take a luxury car for a test drive

Many car rental companies cater to a more sophisticated clientele. A variety of luxury vehicles are in their fleet of rentals. Car enthusiasts like to rent these vehicles to test drive different types of automobiles. They may only do this once every few months, but it is a fun way to drive a car you may not otherwise be able to afford.

These are just some examples of ways you can use car rental companies. In addition to renting a car just because you need a vehicle for everyday driving, you can use rentals to make your life better. Rental vehicles can be used for a variety of business and leisure purposes that provide additional value to your quality of life.


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Day of October Surprises, Part 2: Trump Punks All of Us


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cuban Missile Crisis Lesson Plan and Slide Show -

Overview | Fifty years ago this week, the United States and Soviet Union narrowly averted catastrophe over the presence of nuclear missiles in Soviet-backed Cuba. But just how close did we come to an unintended nuclear war, and could a similar incident happen again?

In the activities below, students examine newly uncovered research on what took place during those 13 days in the fall of 1962. They?ll decide whether the crisis stands as an example of cool leadership under pressure or a cascade of error and miscalculation. Extension activities allow them to dig deeper into factors that made the Cuban missile crisis such a turning point, and explore continuing or potential conflicts that might put today?s world at similar risk.

Note: To accompany this lesson plan, we created a slide show from photographs archived in the New York Times picture library. We chose images that we thought might illuminate those tense days in interesting and accessible ways for students, and that might be fertile ground for further analysis and inquiry, especially when paired with the ideas we suggest below. You can also view it in a larger size here.

Materials | Computer with Internet connection and projector to display articles and video, computers with Internet connection for individual students or groups to use online resources, copies of stories or primary documents as needed.

Warm-Up | Tell students:

  1. In this lesson, we?ll be looking at one of the most studied and perhaps least understood episodes in recent history: the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Most people agree that it?s the closest we have ever come to an all-out nuclear war. And if that happened, it?s possible we might not be here today to talk about it.
  2. Does anyone know which countries were involved in this incident and what the dispute was about? Write brainstorming ideas on the board.
  3. Today we?re going to figure out what happened, first by gathering some basic facts and then looking at recent research ? some of which seems to contradict what people have long thought about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Read this overview of the Cuban Missile Crisis from the John F. Kennedy Library and Presidential Museum and watch our slide show above or, in a larger size, here.
  4. Based on what we?ve just read, what adjectives would you use to describe President John F. Kennedy and his handling of the Cuban missile crisis? Write students? ideas on the board.
  5. Now, we?re going to watch a short video about the Cuban missile crisis featuring Professor James G. Blight from Canada?s Balsillie School of International Affairs and the producer of the Armageddon Letters Web site. As we watch, I?d like you to listen carefully to the tone and language that?s being used.
  6. Based on this video, would you offer any different adjectives to describe Kennedy or his administration?s handling of this crisis? Does this video change our feelings about the Cuban missile crisis or suggest there?s more than one way to look at it? Write students? ideas on the board.

A short film about the Cuban missile crisis produced by The Armageddon Letters, a project based at the Balsillie School of International Affairs. For more related short films, a graphic novel and other media about the missile crisis, visit the Armageddon Letters Web site.

Activity | What really happened?

In the opening days of the Cuban missile crisis, the American people knew very little about what was actually happening. On Oct. 20, 1962, President Kennedy abandoned a trip to the Midwest and returned to Washington ? supposedly due to a bad head cold. Three days later, and a full week after the crisis had actually begun with the discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba, Kennedy addressed the nation.

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In this activity, students make a double-sided timeline of the 13 days of the initial crisis, which began on Oct. 16 and ended on Oct. 28. On one side, they should write down what a typical newspaper reader learned on each day of the crisis. On the other side, students will add details about what actually happened according to later research or revelations. (For example, on Oct. 20 they initially thought President Kennedy had a cold, and it was later revealed that he had actually rushed back to the White House in response to the unfolding crisis.)

Divide students into groups and have them scan the original coverage from The New York Times during the Cuban missile crisis, including this overview. They may also use this day-by-day chronology of events from the John F. Kennedy Library and Presidential Museum. As students find information, they should record crucial facts in their timelines.

For the next part of the activity, students should scan the following articles from The Times to find revelations ? new facts or research that add to our understanding of what happened back in 1962 ? and fill in the other side of their timelines. (Students may wish to divide responsibility, with each member of the group reading one or two articles. Please tell students it is O.K. to approximate on dates for this part of the assignment, if they have trouble attaching a revelation to a specific day during the crisis.)

1989 ? Gaps in the Missile Crisis Story

1992 ? U.S. Underestimated Soviet Force in Cuba During ?62 Missile Crisis

2002 ? At Cuba Conference, Old Foes Exchange Notes on 1962 Missile Crisis

2002 ? The Cuban Missile Crisis: When the World Stood on Edge and Nobody Died Beautifully

2008 ? What You Think You Know About the Cuban Missile Crisis is Wrong

2012 ? General?s 1962 Memo Addresses Nuclear Combat on Cuba

During the last part of the activity, move quickly through the crisis with the class, asking each group to report on central discoveries or surprises from their research. For homework or an extension activity, students could design a poster dramatizing how one discovery by historians has shed new light on our understanding of the Cuban missile crisis. Each poster should make clear what people initially believed about an aspect of the crisis; how research or subsequent revelations changed that understanding; and a lesson or moral of the story for future leaders. As a culminating activity, students could create a poster gallery displaying their ideas.

This Oct. 25, 1962, Universal Studios newsreel, with its foreboding music and dramatic voice-over, captured the tension of the times and greeted moviegoers in theaters across the country. You might choose to use this video as part of an introduction to the missile crisis. Courtesy of The Internet Archive.

Going Further: Ways to Teach About the Cuban Missile Crisis

Handbook: How to Avoid World War III. Write a manual for leaders of the modern world ? a how-to manual for avoiding unintended armed conflicts ? based on the lessons of the Cuban missile crisis. It can be addressed to all world leaders or to one leader in particular. The handbooks should tell leaders what they can do to lessen the chances of armed conflict, referring to incidents or research from the 1962 crisis to explain what sorts of conditions or actions make conflict more likely.

Students should be encouraged to include their own ideas and conclusions based upon their reflections about the Cuban missile crisis; write their handbooks with originality and flair; and give the handbook a unique title and chapter headings. They may consult the following coverage from The Times and Web sites devoted to studying the crisis and its lessons, citing sources when necessary. (Note: teachers may also wish to let students draw from the poster gallery assignment above for inspiration, with students crediting classmates for their ideas.)

2008 ? Why We Should Still Study the Cuban Missile Crisis (PDF), from the United States Institute of Peace
2012 ? At 50, the Cuban Missile Crisis as Guide, an Op-Ed article from The New York Times
2012 ? Learning from History?s Most Dangerous Crisis, from the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University?s Kennedy School of Government
2012 ? Cuban Missile Crisis Beliefs Endure After 50 Years, an analysis of conventional wisdom about the crisis by the current Associated Press correspondent in Havana

Flash Points: The Next Crisis? Use your handbooks on the lessons of the Cuban missile crisis to make the case for which current global flash points present the greatest risk of stumbling into a nuclear conflict. Students should be sure to consider both the conditions that make conflict more likely (such as the lack of good communications between the two sides, proximity of military forces, or other factors that make an incident or misunderstanding more likely, etc?) and actions taken by one or both sides that increase tensions. Students may explore recent coverage from The Times?s recent coverage on places such as the Middle East, Iran, East Asia and the India-Pakistan border, as well as stories and web resources on nuclear weapons. (Note: students should bear in mind that regional conflicts sometimes start with nations that do not possess nuclear weapons but hold alliances with nuclear-armed nations.)

Did Hollywood Get It Right? View the Hollywood film ?13 Days,? about the Cuban missile crisis, and then write a review in which you rate the film from one to four stars, based upon its adherence to historical evidence and research. Students should cite specific facts and sources to support their conclusions. They may also wish to read the film?s original review
in The Times or this article by a scholar of the Cuban missile crisis and make the case for whether those interpretations of the film are justified or unwarranted.

Creating New Versions of the Story. Visit The Armageddon Letters, a Web site created at Canada?s Balsillie School of International Affairs, to reconsider the meaning of the Cuban missile crisis. Students should explore the site ? which includes video, graphic novels, blogs and other innovative ways of exploring this history. Ask them to write a review of the site or one of its elements, explaining whether it aids our understanding of the Cuban missile crisis and makes it relevant for future generations. Alternatively, invite students to emulate the Armageddon Letters project by creating something of their own, such as a blog or graphic retelling of an incident from the crisis.

Time Change? Read this overview of the Doomsday Clock, which The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has used since 1947 to dramatize global security threats and the likelihood of nuclear war. Use your research on global flash points to decide whether the clock, currently set to five minutes before midnight, should be reset in light of recent events.

Make Oral History. Read ?In a Time of Hidden Crisis, President Visits Main Street,? one man?s childhood remembrance of President Kennedy?s visit to his hometown during the Cuban missile crisis. Or, read ?Leaving Guant?namo With the World on the Nuclear Brink,? a family oral history of the evacuation of the Guant?namo Bay Naval Base.

Then ask students to interview someone in their own family that might remember the crisis. Alternatively, find teachers, grandparents, school staff members or other volunteers, and invite them to class to talk about their memories. Students might interview the guests on a panel, or the visitors could rotate among groups. Students can take notes during the interviews and write an article about how one or more of these stories reveal a different side of the crisis.

Document Study: Submariners Under Pressure. Read the following declassified primary source, ?Recollections of Vadim Orlov (USSR Submarine B-59): We will Sink Them All, But We will Not Disgrace Our Navy? (PDF), from the National Security Archive at George Washington University. It describes life aboard Soviet submarines during the Cuban missile crisis.

As part of of its ?Secrets of the Dead? series, PBS produced an episode ?The Man Who Saved the World? about the same Soviet submarine off the Florida coast, and the commanders? debate whether to fire a nuclear missile at the United States at the height of the crisis. Ask students to use the sources as a starting point to compose a fictional letter from a member of a submarine?s crew to a family member back in the Soviet Union. Their letter should provide colorful descriptions on life aboard the submarine; detailed recollections and beliefs about the crisis; and the submariner?s personal reflections on the experience.

Document Study: Nuclear Orders. Read the following orders sent by the Soviet leadership in Moscow to Cuba in 1962, which are part of the primary source collection at the National Security Archive at George Washington University. Divide students into teams to assess the importance of these two documents, based on their understanding of the Cuban missile crisis. They can make detailed class presentations on how the crisis might have turned out differently if the Central Intelligence Agency had intercepted the orders ? and sent them to the White House ? on the day they were transmitted.

USSR, draft directive, Directive to the Commander of Soviet Forces in Cuba on transfer of Il-28s and Luna Missiles, and Authority on Use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons, September 8, 1962 (PDF)

USSR, Directive, TOP SECRET, Prohibition on Use of Nuclear Weapons without Orders from Moscow, October 27, 1962, 16:30 (PDF)

Common Core ELA Anchor Standards, 6-12:

1. Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it; cite specific textual evidence when writing or speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.
3. Analyze how and why individuals, events, and ideas develop and interact over the course of a text.
7. Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse formats and media, including visually and quantitatively, as well as in words.
8. Delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, including the validity of the reasoning as well as the relevance and sufficiency of the evidence.
9. Analyze how two or more texts address similar themes or topics in order to build knowledge or to compare the approaches the authors take.

1. Write arguments to support claims in an analysis of substantive topics or texts, using valid reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence.
2. Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas and information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.
3. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences.

Speaking and Listening
1. Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others? ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.
2. Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually, quantitatively, and orally.
3. Evaluate a speaker?s point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric.

McREL Standards

World History
44. Understands the search for community, stability, and peace in an interdependent world.
46. Understands long-term changes and recurring patterns in world history.


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Jamey Johnson Announces ?Living For A Song Tour? : MusicRow ...

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Photo: Jack Spencer

Jamey Johnson has announced his upcoming Living For A Song Tour, which will run from November 8 to December 31.

The tour will support Johnson?s latest album Living For a Song, a tribute to songwriting legend Hank Cochran, which was released on Oct. 16. Johnson played a sold-out show at Nashville?s Ryman Auditorium on release day.

Chris Hennessee and Wayne Mills will accompany Johnson on select dates throughout the tour.?A full list of dates, with more to be released,?appears below.

Visit for information.

Living For A Song Tour 2012
November 8- Knoxville, TN ? Tennessee Theatre
November 9- Huntsville, AL ? Von Braun Center Concert Hall
November 15- Paducah, KY ? Carson Center
November 16- Columbus, OH ? Palace Theatre
November 17- Indianapolis, IN ? Egyptian Room
November 18- Chattanooga, TN ? Tivoli Theater
November 24- Winnie, TX ? Nutty Jerry?s
November 30- Miami, OK ? Buffalo Run Casino
December 14- Las Vegas, NV ? Riviera Hotel & Casino
December 15- Wendover, NV ? Peppermill Casino
December 31- Montgomery, AL ? Montgomery Performing Arts Centre

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About the Author

Eric Parker serves as Marketing Manager for MusicRow, RowFax and the CountryBreakout Chart. He holds a B.B.A. in Entertainment and Music Business with a background working with label, publishing, management and PR firms.

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5 Apps That Help you Shop for Healthier Foods


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Monday, October 22, 2012

Marijuana use may cause severe cyclic nausea, vomiting, a little-known, but costly effect

ScienceDaily (Oct. 22, 2012) ? Marijuana use -- both natural and synthetic -- may cause cannabinoid hyperemesis (CH) a little-known but costly effect that researchers suggest is a serious burden to the health care system as it often leads to expensive diagnostic tests and ineffective treatments in an effort to find the cause of a patient's symptoms and provide relief, according to two separate case reports unveiled October 22 at the American College of Gastroenterology's (ACG) 77th Annual Scientific meeting in Las Vegas. Cannabinoid hyperemesis is characterized by a history of chronic cannabis use followed by a cyclic pattern of nausea, vomiting and colicky abdominal pain. Interestingly, compulsive hot baths or showers temporarily relieve symptoms, another characteristic which aids clinicians in diagnosis.

"Most healthcare providers are unaware of the link between marijuana use and these episodes of cyclic nausea and vomiting so they are not asking about natural or synthetic cannabinoid use when a patient comes to the emergency room or their doctor's office with these symptoms," said co-investigator Ana Maria Crissien-Martinez, M.D. of Scripps Green Hospital and Clinic in San Diego. She said CH was first described in a 2004 case series of 9 patients in Australia and since then, 14 case reports and 4 case series have been published, including a prospective series of 98 patients published by Mayo Clinic in February 2012.

"Patients who use cannabis whether natural or in synthetic form called 'Spice' also don't realize their unexplained episodes of cyclic nausea and vomiting may be a result of this use, with some increasing their cannabis use because they may think it will help alleviate their symptoms -- and it actually makes them worse," said Dr. Crissien-Martinez. "The only resolution is cannabis cessation."

Dr. Crissien-Martinez co-authored the case report, "Marijuana: Anti-Emetic or Pro-Emetic" which described a series of 9 patients with cannabinoid hyperemesis at Scripps Green Hospital with average age at diagnosis 30 years-old; 88 percent male; onset of cannabis use during teen years; 88 percent used cannabis daily; 56 percent compulsive bathing behavior; and 80 percent symptom resolution with cannabis cessation.

The other case report, "Spicing Up the Differential for Cyclic Vomiting: A Case of Synthetic-Cannabinoid Induced Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS)," may be the first reported case of CH attributed to synthetic cannabinoid, according to Fong-Kuei Cheng, M.D. and his research team from Walter Reed Walter Reed National Military Medical Center/Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD.

"Legal synthetic cannabinoids became available in the United States by 2009 with widespread usage among military personnel due to its ability to elude standard drug testing. It is important to recognize that routine urine drug testing does not include JWH-018 and JWH 073, which are the primary components in synthetic cannabinoids," said Dr. Cheng.

The case report described a 22-year active duty military male who was admitted with a 10-month history of progressive, intermittent abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, with episodes occurring every two months and lasting up to a week. He underwent several diagnostic tests before a urine synthetic cannabinoid test confirmed the diagnosis of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS). Since discontinuing these drugs, the patient has remained symptom-free, according to the case report.

"This case illustrates that CHS should be in the differential diagnosis of unexplained, episodic abdominal pain with nausea and vomiting, particularly if relieved with compulsive hot showers. Recognition of this syndrome is important to prevent unnecessary testing and to reduce health care expenditures," said Dr. Cheng. "We have also noted, particularly in the active duty population where drug testing for cannabis usage is done routinely, that there appears to be an increased usage instead of the synthetic cannabinoids, so we would advocate routine additional testing for them when the clinical suspicion is high."

Patients frequently have multiple hospital, clinic and emergency room visits with extensive negative work-up to include imaging studies, endoscopies, and laboratory testing before they are finally diagnosed with cannabinoid hyperemesis, according to the researchers of both case reports.

"We estimate $10,000 to be the minimum cost of one admission -- but on average our patients required admission to the hospital 2.8 times, a total of almost $30,000 for workup," said Dr. Crissien-Martinez, who added that that cost does not include the added costs of primary care physician and/or gastroenterologist and emergency room visits, which averaged 2.5 and 6 times respectively.

Dr. Crissien-Martinez said that 80 percent of the Scripps Green patients who stopped cannabis experienced symptom resolution; however, only one of them remained abstinent and consequently symptom-free.

"As health care providers, we must be aware of the potential side effects of chronic cannabis use and understand that cannabinoid hyperemesis is diagnosed clinically to avoid expensive diagnostic and therapeutic modalities," said Dr. Crissien-Martinez. "Instead the focus should be shifted towards counseling and resources allocated towards marijuana cessation."

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), via Newswise.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Death by defibrillator: Officials warn of hacking risk


Implanted defibrillators could be a target for hacking, a new report warns. More than 130,000 were implanted in patients in the U.S. in 2009.

By Brian Alexander, NBC News Contributor

It sounds like a scenario out of a James Bond movie: a villain spots his quarry and uses a small device to hack into the official?s heart defibrillator, sending a signal for mayhem. There?s chest grabbing, and a collapse, and alarms, but the bad guy walks free because there?s no gun, knife, poison dart -- no evidence at all a murder has been committed.

According to a recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a non-partisan agency that works for Congress, not only is such a scenario possible, there?s a growing danger that grandpa?s heart rhythm device, or, say, a child?s insulin pump ? any implantable device that can be accessed remotely -- ?could be susceptible to hacking.

But the GAO report suggests that the Food and Drug Administration, which approves and regulates such devices, has been behind the curve when it comes to security and now is calling for the agency to set guidelines for manufacturers to help combat the threat of hacking.

According to the?report, which had been requested by members of Congress in light of tests by researchers revealing the vulnerability of the medical technology, ?there have been four separate demonstrations in controlled settings showing that the intentional exploitation of vulnerabilities in certain medical devices is possible.? The report stressed that there have been no proven cases of anybody actually doing this for nefarious purposes.

Still, when he released the GAO report, Congressman Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), one of the requesting legislators, issued a statement saying that ??wireless medical devices are susceptible to increasingly advanced hacking techniques that could threaten patient health.?

The susceptibility stems largely from their wireless communications abilities, explained Nathanael Paul, chief scientist at the Center for Trustworthy Embedded Systems at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In 2010, Paul and a colleague demonstrated they could hack into an insulin pump, like the one Paul himself wears to treat his Type 1 diabetes.

Thanks to wireless communication, doctors can download diagnostic information and health status from the device to a computer and make changes in the performance of a device without surgery. For example, defibrillators can be programmed using a wand that communicates with the device inside a patient?s chest.

But as anybody who has experienced neighborhood confusion over garage door openers operating the wrong doors can attest, that can leave devices vulnerable to attack or simple accident.

?This year, for example, a young lady in the Salt Lake City airport asked TSA if she should walk through a security device,? Paul recalled by way of illustration. ?TSA said yes, basing that on the experience of thousands of people with insulin pumps. She walked through and her pump responded in an unanticipated way that could have threatened her life.?

Causing a device to misfire intentionally to cause harm takes technical sophistication, but it?s certainly do-able, he said. And there are a lot of potential targets. According to a 2011 report from the World Society of Arrhythmias, in just one year, 2009, 133,262 defibrillators were implanted in patients in the United States -- 434 devices for every million people -- and that?s just one device for one condition.

Preventing potential hacking it might seem as simple as requiring a password for access. Another strategy could be to limit the distance devices can send information back and forth. The tests demonstrating vulnerability showed the range of some devices could be up to 300 feet. ?Paul has been exploring that possibility. Software changes are another avenue.

But enhancing security of a vital medical device isn?t as simple as it sounds. The primary purpose of any medical device is to preserve health, not keep out bad guys. Installing security software could put more demand on battery life, for example. And suppose a patient has a defibrillator, his doctor?s office is closed, and he feels chest pains? He could go to an emergency room, but, panicky, could easily forget the password. The ER doctors then could not get access to whatever the device has to tell them.

Whatever solutions are to be found, the onus for making sure manufacturers implement them has now fallen mainly on the FDA.

The GAO recommended the FDA make?security risks part of premarket approval just like FDA?s more traditional criteria, safety and effectiveness. It also suggested FDA begin working with other federal agencies whose primary duties focus more on cyber security, make the issue one of the things it monitors during postmarket review, and ?establish specific milestones for completing this review and implementing these changes.?

Markey, through his office, told NBC that FDA must ?place ?renewed emphasis? on the security of the devices under its purview. ?I look forward to hearing from the FDA on progress to address this risk,? he said.

The agency does seem to be gearing up to take a more aggressive stance. In its response to the GAO report, the FDA noted that it has recently begun collaborating with the Department of Homeland Security, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Department of Defense, and?law enforcement. The FDA?s Center for Devices and Radiological Health has also a National Postmarket Surveillance Plan to better track adverse events related to devices.

?FDA concurs with GAO that the agency continuously develop and implement new strategies designed to assist the agency in its medical device premarket review and postmarket surveillance efforts relative to information security,? agency spokesperson Michelle Bolek?told NBC.

The agency is studying the ways other industries are battling cyber security threats for any strategies manufacturers can incorporate into the devices. That?s where researchers like Paul come in. ???? ?

The FDA and industry have begun consulting with him and others, he said, and he?s optimistic about progress. ?I think they are doing a large amount of work. They are responding, and so are manufacturers,? said Paul, who doesn?t personally profit from such consulting.

He also argued that the potential risk to the security of medical devices is far outweighed by the benefits of the devices.

In other words, don?t panic.

Brian Alexander?is co-author, with Larry Young Ph.D., of "The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex and the Science of Attraction,"?now on sale.?

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